Thursday, May 6, 2021

Students’ performance in Science, Maths very poor: Shanavas


Kohima, April 14: Lomunu Kweho from Mezhur Higher Secondary School was adjudged winner of the State Level Virtual Science Seminar for the year 2020-21 and Thsipongla and Kholi Sangtam from Saramati View Modern High were declared winner of State Level Virtual Science Exhibition 2020-21 (Exhibition) on April 14.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Principal Director, Department of School Education (DoSE), Shanavas C said the intention of DoSE in conducting seminar was to instill an interest in Science subjects in the students from an early age.
“Through these kind of initiatives, the Department of School Education really hope that the students will develop an interest in the subjects and in the coming years we can have talented scientists, doctors, and engineers from our state,” he stated.
He said that when the department went around the schools in the state to assess the temperament of the students on how they are able to perform in science and mathematics, the standard is very poor.
He further pointed out that the phobia which the students have towards mathematics and science continue into the later stages of academic life. Moreover, some of our teachers are not able to instill that kind of interest in mathematics in children, this phobia is still there and remains with the students throughout their academic life and it further hampers their performance when they write their competitive exams also, he said.
Shanavas C also stressed on the importance of a teacher’s role in helping the student overcome their fear toward the subjects and further pointed out that it is the teacher’s responsibility to deal with the subjects delicately so that they develop an interest in the subjects and use some innovative methods. So we have to educate our teachers in lie with this, he added.
The Principal Director (DoSE) also appealed to the Higher & Technical Education Department to give more importance to professional courses like engineering and medicine. Through the convergence of the departments like the Department of School Education and Higher Technical Education Department, “I am sure that we can improve the prevailing education system in the state. So let this award be an inspiration to our students for their future,” stated Shanavas C.
The panel of judges of the State Level Virtual Science Exhibition 2021-21 and State Level Virtual Science Seminar 2020-21, were Assistant Professor, Kohima Science College, Dr Limatemjen, Assistant Professor, Keneizoulhou Kesiezie, Research Associate, SCERT Vilakhole Naki. (Page News Service)