Students’ bandh in Dimapur partial

Students’ bandh in Dimapur partial
College students gathered at Deluxe Point on Wednesday (Page Photo)

Dimapur, June 5: College students today took to streets of Dimapur Wednesday morning after they had announced an ‘indefinite peaceful bandh’ with effect from today. However, the bandh response was partial as most of the business establishments remained open except for those belonging to the Muslim community as it was Id-ul-Fitr.
Sensing trouble, Dimapur police had deployed large number of police personnel at all junctions in Dimapur town. As college students tried to gather at City Tower, they were denied any permission following which they gathered at Deluxe Point and Nagarjan junction. After 10 a.m., the number of students increased considerably, who according to sources wanted to impose bandh. However, police personnel present in the town thwarted their move to close down the shop, except few who had voluntarily shut down.
The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) which has not supported the bandh by the student tried to intervene and pacify the aagitating students but they could not succeed. Even Naga Council Dimapur tried to bring the student leaders for talks to their office, but they did not budge.
The agitating students from different colleges were not happy with the DNSU which had opposed the bandh, instead of supporting the students.
While no untoward incident was reported in Dimapur today, the agitating students dispersed in the afternoon after the ANCSU held a meeting with Chief Minister and got an assurance from the Government to fulfill their demands. (Page News Service)