Strong winds hit power supply in Dimapur

Strong winds hit power  supply in Dimapur

Dimapur May 14: Power supply was disrupted in several parts of Dimapur Monday evening following strong wind and rain that caused serious damage to electrical infrastructure in many parts of the District.
Power supply, however, was restored in some parts of the town by 10:30 pm, while restoration works were still in progress in other areas till late night.
Power department sources said due to falling of tree branches and bending as well as uprooting of electric poles, transmission lines were cut in several areas of the town. To minimize damage and ensure public safety, the department had switched off power supply as precautionary measure before the storm.
Immediately after the storm, entire Dimapur started losing power supply one after the other. From 5 pm onwards there was no power supply in Dimapur till it was restored late at night in some parts of the town.
When contacted Sub Divisional Officer (Electrical Sub Division Dimapur 1), Er. N. Khate told Nagaland Page that entire Dimapur had been affected due to the strong wind that uprooted many electric poles and snapped electric wires. He said the strong winds had done major damages to the power department and totally disrupted the power connections everywhere in Dimapur.
Entire Dimapur is without electric connection at present, he informed.
Er. Khate said the strong wind has affected all parts of Dimapur, as lots of electric wires were snapped off and electric poles in many cases uprooted due to falling of branches and trees.
When enquired on the status of restoring power, En. Khate replied that due to large scale damages the department staffs and officials are in the field at present and trying to restore the power lines and it may take a longer time, because “we need to cover entire Dimapur and the intensity of the damages is manifold. Nothing can be said at present and we are assessing it”.
On the possibility of restoring power supply, he said, “No time frame can be given at present, lot of damages had been done on a large scale and definitely it will take time, may be by late night it may be restored or it may take a day or two”.
We are receiving high number of complaints, he added.
(Page News Service)