Stranger Things’ creators the Duffer Brothers respond to allegations

Stranger Things’ creators the Duffer Brothers respond to allegations

Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things, on Monday responded to accusations made against them by an anonymous crew member. A person, who worked on the first two seasons of the science-fiction show, accused the Duffer Brothers, on Women’s Day, of being verbally abusive towards women on their set.
“We are deeply upset to learn that someone felt uncomfortable on our set,” the brothers said Saturday in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Due to the high-stress nature of production, tempers occasionally get frayed, and for that, we apologize. However, we think it is important not to mischaracterize our set, where we believe strongly in treating everyone fairly regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, or anything else. We remain totally committed to providing a safe and collaborative working environment for everyone on our productions.”
Peyton Brown, who is credited as a member of the camera department on the show, wrote in an Instagram post that she would not be returning for season 3. This is her post: “I will not be a part of the filming of Season 3 of Stranger Things. Why, you ask? Because I stand with my sisters. I personally witnessed two men in high positions of power on that set seek out and verbally abuse multiple women. I promised myself that if I were ever in a situation to say something that I would. I have 11.5 thousand followers who can hear me say this, TIME IS UP. Women in the film industry are POWERFUL. We will rise and we will scream from mountain tops in support of each other and I will not contribute my time, efforts, and talent to such abusive people. There is too much going on in this world to be regressive. There are too many amazing and highly respected men in respective positions of power that I have had the utmost pleasure of working beside. Those are the people I want to surround myself with. Those are the projects I want to be a part of. This industry is no longer led by a ‘few good men,’ but instead by an OCEAN of ASTOUNDING WOMEN. Enough is enough. For my sisters- Time is up.”

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