Stop playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: NPF tells NDPP

Stop playing Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde: NPF tells NDPP

Dimapur, June 2: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has expressed shock at the National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) washing their hands off and denying their involvement in filing the FIR against NPF President, Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu and issuing a statement that they had only lodged a complaint to the Election Commissioner of India.
The NPF reminded that one Prasielie Pienyü an election agent of NDPP candidate, Tokheho Yepthomi had filed the FIR No. 0030/18, at Police station Kohima on May 22 against Dr. Shiirhozelie Liezietsu under Section 153 A IPC and 125 Representation of People’s Act 1952 corresponding to GR Case No. 84/18.
In this regard, the NPF asked its rival party NDPP, whether they have a communication gap between their leader, who filed the FIR, and its party functionaries who had issued press releases at random without knowing the pros and cons of the issue in question.
“Though the NPF President was prepared to be arrested for a good cause he was rendering for the people by propagating the Article 25 of Constitution of India that advocate secularism and freedom of religion, but it was on the intervention of the party leaders and loyalists that obtained an anticipatory bail before the police arrived at his home to arrest him,” a press release issued by NPF Press Bureau stated.
The NDPP/BJP had accused the President of giving an inflammatory speech at an election rally held at Kohima, which according to them might cause violent clashes, riots and street fights, and so went ahead and lodge the complaint with the ECI and a subsequent FIR was filed at the Police Station.
The NPF recalled the President’s address where he spoke on the issues of atrocities committed against the Christians and the minorities across the country that rose from 177 incidents in 2015 to 351 in 2017 with the BJP ruling at the Centre and appealed to the people to rise up to the occasion and protect Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, but his speech was dragged to the ECI court and police station by NDPP.
The NPF asked the NDPP to stop playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or stoop so low as to degrade itself further but should concentrate more on real development issues and start working for the welfare of the people and the state. (Page News Service)