Friday, February 26, 2021
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Stop playing divisive politics

In the backdrop of the historically reality, today we are reminded of the past seven decades of Naga struggle for Independence which resulted into bloody conflict between the Nagas and the government of India (GOI). Many precious years and resources have been wasted, and many and precious lives been laid down for the Just cause. After all these years of sacrifices, here is a window of opportunity for both India and Naga to come to a logical conclusion and begin a new relationship for mutual benefit and to promote genuine peace in the region.
However, looking at the present situation there’s ponderous problems ahead. Many confusions and uncertainties! It is therefore imperative to refresh our minds once again. Looking back at the past 22 years of cease fire and political negotiations with different political parties of India and the NSCN-IM, the GOI finally acknowledged the Naga Problem is a political problem to be resolved through political negotiations. Accordingly, the GOI agreed to have the talk in the highest level (Prime Ministers level), Unconditional and in neutral countries. It is also the collective opinion and wishes of all the six Prime Ministers of India right from PV Narasimha Rao to the present Narendra Modi that, the Indo-Naga political problem be resolved through democratic process in all fairness. Consequently, it was agreed upon on ‘Shared Sovereignty on the bases of historical proprieties’. Today after an enduring 22 years of negotiations and over 100 talks between the GOI and the NSCN-IM the manner in which the GOI is dubiously handling the political negotiations is a problematic for any logical solution. The dictating terms of ‘three months period’ itself is a violation of what has been agreed upon “Without preconditions’. Meanwhile, creating war like situations in the state of Nagaland by proliferation war machineries and using state centric organizations and trying to force a unilateral piecemeal solution is a complete breach of Democratic norms. It will not only create division among the Nagas but deep would and mistrust between Nagas and India.
It would be best in the interest of all that, to usher in a ‘democratic process in letter in spirit’ the present BJP government must stop playing divisive and nerve racking politics towards the Nagas, rather the GOI should demonstrate its maturity and democratic credentials and honor all the commitment that has been agreed upon between the NSCN-IM and the Indian leaders.
Temjen Paul, Benja Namo, Limasashi, Prof Sangyu Yaden
(On behalf of Concerned Citizens Forum & Senior Citizens Forum, Mokokchung)

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