Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Stop barking at each other over Naga nationalism: Jamir

Jamir FCAI
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‘Not the time to indulge in self-perceived vainglory’
DIMAPUR, JANUARY 11: Former Governor of Odisha, Dr SC Jamir has called upon all Nagas to unite and lend every possible positive support for an early peaceful solution to the protracted Naga political issue as the future destiny of the Nagas hangs in delicate balance.

In an opinion piece on the Naga political movement (Full Text), the former Nagaland Chief Minister expressed dismay that some people in the name of pseudo-patriotism and rootless politics are spewing out yarns of “imaginary accusations”, or pointing their self-righteous fingers at others without a shred of hard evidence to produce “if dragged to the Courts of Justice on serious defamation charges”.
Jamir, the only surviving member of the Naga People’s Convention (NPC), stated that this is not the time for Nagas – whether individuals or groups, over-ground or underground – to be barking at each other in the name of Naga nationalism, while others look upon Nagas bewildered and amused, “or even happy that we are doing our best to show our bitter disunity and thus ensure that the Naga Underground leaders are rendered incapable of speaking in one voice.”
“This is not the time to be indulging in self-perceived vainglory or in the vanity of self-destruction,” he stated.
In his opinion piece, perhaps prompted by the allegations leveled against him by the Tenyemi National Workers Forum (TNWF), Jamir maintained that the ongoing Naga political settlement process cannot be singled out and isolated from the prevailing geo-political realities, or from the contextual realities of the larger Indian political landscape.
“Can the Naga political leaders take away what is not acceded to by the other negotiating party? The Government of India has recognized the uniqueness of the Naga political movement and had publicly stated its positive approach towards a final resolution of the Naga political aspirations on the basis of the mutually agreed upon ‘Framework Agreement’. Most of all, the Naga public are all yearning and longing for enduring peace and total normalcy to be restored in the land. Another golden opportunity is now at hand. Seize it in unison and let us move forward, or else the future will not forgive those responsible for letting the opportunity slip away,” he said.
“Let us be realistic and pragmatic, seize the moment of opportunity now available to us and give a brighter future to the upcoming generations,” he added.
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