Stinking system


It remains to be seen in the long wait of hope that transparency and probity are given prominence with no compromise of any nature in making appointments in our State which otherwise is reeling under the menace of corruption. In an era of general awareness and chances of hiding and camouflaging being remote, any deviations from the set practices and procedures in engaging people as employees in Government departments are bound to boomerang into exposing those in the administration responsible for the said breach or the deliberate infraction. In recent times, various organizations including the Naga Students’ Federation, ACAUT, PSAN, etc have exposed many illegal/backdoor appointments in several Government departments. The illegal appointments were made in total violation of the Office Memorandum issued through the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Administrative Reforms Branch) vide No. AR-5/ASSO/98 dated 6th June 2016 that had banned all adhoc/ casual/ temporary/ work-charged appointments in the State, stating that “any appointments made on contract basis, henceforth, shall be null and void.” The OM had warned that AHoDs and HoDs of the departments would be held responsible if the laid down norms are violated and face disciplinary action. Sadly despite the coming to light of many illegal appointments in several departments, we are yet to hear of the Government taking action against any AHoDs and HoDs as notified in the OM. Clearly all is not well with the system of governance we have in place. Corrupt people rule us and corruption has become the religion of the postmodern politician. It makes us cry and our heads go down in shame and anger, sends shivers down our spine every time we hear of scams and scandals by those whom we trust and follow in the vain hope of good governance and accountability. There has been an age-old debate over all these scams and scandals and we are yet to reach a conclusion wherein things may be changed and perfection may be brought into the system. Slogans for change have been only rhetorical full of sound and fury without anything substantial on the ground. We end up blaming each other and replacing one system of mis-governance by another system of mis-governance, a vicious circle of unreason and illogic, nothing as such for the benefit of a common man who casts a vote for his welfare and for the dream of accountability to be realized in the corridors of power. All this has proved to be mere illusion for us all with no changes around us in governance and development. The illegal appointments that have surfaced so far were made jeopardizing the set norms related to such appointments. Obviously these appointments were made on purely political considerations rather than on merit and other eligibility considerations, and which can get unraveled only after an inquiry is instituted in the matter especially in the context of speculations that such “surfacing” of illegal appointments was only a tip of the iceberg. Why were public notifications not issued and the entire exercise was conducted in a hush-hush manner hardly needs any clarification excepting the assertion that the affliction of underhand means continues to haunt the system resulting in eroding public confidence and trust. With such methods adopted flagrantly, it has deprived those educated youth who are equipped with better claims of merit and eligibility criteria. This is sheer injustice heaped on them with ulterior motives. It has also been reported that these “blue eyed” appointees are posted at much sought after posting place, particularly in Dimapur and Kohima. Recommendations from political leaders and legislators, very often influence rather ensure such appointments and when after a strong hue and cry from the public, some formalities of inquiries are “ordered” against the delinquent authorities, the same politicians exert pressures on and even issue warnings to those conducting enquiries to see to it that a clean chit was given in the inquiry report. This is the ugliest face of the stinking system which if attempted to change by some honest and sincere politician or some top bureaucrat; there is stiff opposition and resistance. The ends of justice would fairly meet in ordering an inquiry into the entire issue so that those responsible for the criminal goof are named, shamed and exposed in the instant matter.