Friday, November 27, 2020

Stay home

It is the considered opinion of medical experts that if precautionary measures are not strictly followed, the corona virus pandemic can wipe out people in hordes. It means we are responsible collectively for saving the mankind in this part of the globe. This can be done only by maintaining physical distance from each other. It is for this reason that the government has announced a lockdown for an extended period. This is time to follow social distancing in as strict a manner as possible. By not restricting ourselves to our homes we are risking not just our own life, but the life of our family members and others. For the government, it is important to go beyond announcements, and use its machinery to impose lockdown where it is not observed as it should be. It is time that a strict compliance of lockdown is ensured, and people are not just asked to remain home, but wherever needed they are made to stay home. It is still observed that some of our people have still not fully internalized the gravity of the situation. Apart from a media campaign, the government needs to employ other methods of reaching out to people. We can use mobile announcements to sensitize people. In fact in collaboration with social organisations, the concerned departments could use public announcements from all possible places asking people not to come out of their homes, unless it is extremely needed. At the same the government should take care of the people who are in need of food, and other essential items, by undertaking a door to door distribution of these commodities. Care is above cure. It can’t be as true as it is right now when we are faced with the COVID-19 threat. In this case there is an extra bit to be remembered, and kept in mind, every second we spend these days. That there is no cure for this disease, so we are left with just one thing – care. Though the government and the people have woken up to the crisis, but it looks that we are not observing precautions with the kind of urgency, and gravity, as we should be doing. Let’s remind ourselves that if China could flatten the curve in Wuhan it was only by observing precautions. And all precautions are about physical distancing. The usual and routine human interactions need to be suspended for some time. If the government has taken certain decisions, people need to cooperate. We need to think about this situation as total emergency. It is not meant to create panic, but to remind that we are faced with a real threat. What compound the problem for us is the weak healthcare system, and a very thin economy of an average household. So we must look after those who are in need, and whose economy is badly hit. It is also time for the government to make sure that essentials are made available, and among the needy it is distributed as a welfare measure. This is the responsibility of a state, and no favour to people in need. So without creating any panic we must stay indoors, ensure least possible interaction, follow health guidelines, and pray to God that this pandemic spares us from the wrath it can otherwise unleash.