Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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States received over 155mn doses of Covid-19 vaccines till now

COVID 19 vaccines

NEW DELHI, APRIL 27: India has administered over 145 million Coronavirus vaccine doses across the country by Monday evening. In the third phase, beginning May 1, the vaccination drive will be expanded to include all adults. However, many states are divided over how to launch phase 3 of the drive. While some have expressed their incapability to do so, others said they may begin with vaccine doses in their stock.

Officials in Rajasthan and Punjab said they will not be able to open up vaccinations for all adults from May 1, while Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka said they will roll out the expansion with the stocks they have.
Meanwhile, a total of 155,311,140 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been received by states and UTs. Of these, 144,276,074 doses have already been administered (this figure includes wastage), while another 11,035,066 remain with states and UTs as on Monday morning, according to Government data accessed by HT. Another 9,705,000 doses, meanwhile, are in the pipeline.
Maharashtra, the worst-hit state, received 15,862,470 doses and it consumed 14,644,390 of those, leaving it with 1,218,080 in stock. Another 300,000 doses are in the pipeline.
The national Capital of Delhi, which is the worst-hit city in the country, got 3,490,710 doses and used up 3,164,905 doses. There are another 350,000 doses in the pipeline.
Chhattisgarh got 5,916,550 vaccine doses and reported consumption of 5,522,602 doses. There are another 200,000 doses in the pipeline.
Uttar Pradesh received 13,096,780 doses, it consumed 12,439,438 of them, and has 1,400,000 in the pipeline.
Karnataka was sent 9,447,900 doses, it used up 9,447,900, and there are another 400,000 doses in the pipeline.
Punjab received 3,336,770 vaccine doses of which it used 3,149,040 doses and has another 350,000 doses in the pipeline.
To be sure, individual centres may run out of stock on account of how the states manage their replenishment. (Courtesy: HT)

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