Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Statement of support to the People of Myanmar

Members of the Global Naga Forum in different parts of the world have been closely following the events in Myanmar with two contrary emotions. It has been painful and deeply frustrating for us to see the military junta’s nullification and hijacking of the democratic process of the recent national election, imprisoning political and public leaders, and now the police and security forces suppressing and using lethal force against the public. On the other hand, it is inspiring for us to follow the peaceful and well-organized mass resistance the people have mounted against the military regime. We find hope in Myanmar people coming together in such large numbers across the country for a common cause.
As an international forum of Naga people from all walks of life who believe in democracy, and therefore respect the will of the people expressed in free and fair elections as the foundation of democracy, the Global Naga Forum stands in full solidarity with fellow Nagas in Myanmar in their critical struggle for democratic, civil, and human rights.
We fervently appeal to conscientious world leaders to take urgent action to restore democracy and stop the atrocities meted out by military junta against the innocent civilians. The people of Myanmar deserve the government they have chosen. We hope the UN Security Council will act to investigate and prosecute crimes being committed against the people.
In solidarity:
Global Naga Forum