Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Statement of condemnation

We, the friends and batchmates of Late Imkongjeba Kichu, from the graduating class of 2007 Kohima Science College, Jotsoma, vehemently condemn the brutal killing of our dear friend, an engineer by profession with a law degree and a former President of the Chungtia Students’ Union (CSU).
We are profoundly troubled, shocked, and outraged by this heart-wrenchingly barbaric and inhumane act that happened on the 22nd of February 2023. This cold-blooded killing has deprived our society of a leader and a champion working fervently towards equal rights and opportunities for our people.
Our beloved friend and brother, Lt. Imkongjeba Kichu, was a fine gentleman, humble and upright, kind-hearted and honest. A fun-loving person by nature who could instantly connect with anyone, Achi, as we fondly called him, was ardently admired by all those who knew him. He possessed innate leadership qualities and had a promising bright future ahead. His vital role with the Chungtia Students Union as Vice President (2016), President (2017-2018), Executive Member (2018 till the time of his demise), and withthe Sabangya Compound LanurTelongjem asVice President (2021), and President(2022), stands as a testament to his prowess.
We call on the authorities to ensure prompt, independent, impartial, and effective investigation into this brutal murder that put out the flame of a promising young figure. Such acts of cowardice have no place in our society, and we demand that this criminal investigation be fast-tracked as a top priority. Those responsible should account for fair trials.
We condemn those who choose violence, fear or exclusion over peace and dialogue. Violence only begets violence and there can be no justification for its use to achieve any political or social goals.
With a heavy heart, we offer our most sincere and deepest condolences to his bereaved family and loved ones. May our Lord give your family peace, blessings, and comfort during this time of grief.
The virtues, good deeds, and joyful nature of Lt. Imkongjeba Kichu are medals of honour and they will continue to live on as a legacy.
Class of 2007
Kohima Science College, Jotsoma.