Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Statement by concerned tribal leaderships on Naga Hoho

In the matter of noticeable constitutional crisis prevailing in the Naga Hoho, and although having had dissociated from the affairs by the concerned tribes along with which that had not been affiliated from the initial, owing to obvious unethical management of the onetime revered tribal institution of the Naga people; the concerned undersigned leadership of tribes, having the understanding of compelling urgency to point out; to set right the platform worth the name; should sincere love and concern for the future of Naga people truly prevail, endeavour to express thus:
1. The tenets of the constitution are absolute and ought not to be played about with but applied in the right earnest without predisposition.
2. It does not call for showing the door to whoever holds office, once his constituent tribe is dissociated. It should just simply be a spontaneous and practical process essentially not requiring anybody to demand employing the same yardstick to relinquish position held obstinately, but more vital is that the constitutional provisions are protected and not abused by implicating one another.
3.The honour and respectability of leadership is in God’s given time zone which is best portrayed with the stance truthfully rooted to sincere ethics. Influential as knowledgeable leaders, much is expected on playing fair game for truth can never be played wrong nor the ultimate whistle when due be avoided.
4.The outcome of November 26, 2018 meeting has further drawn up unacceptable imbalance on jurisdictional applicability, rendering the platform entirely lopsided and helplessly drifting southward with imaginative domain which is null and void.
5.The concerned undersigned leaderships therefore put on record that these tribes shall not be held accountable in the event the existing process further deteriorate our Naga society through recurring gaffe being created by vested interests.
May good sense prevail.

Ariyi Nienu , CPO

Dr. Vilhusa, APO

Seleyi K.T.vilie, APO

Kenyuseng Tep, Rengma Hoho

Visa Meru,  ZPO

Joshua Newmai, ZPO

Kekhwengulo Lea, CPO

Chulekhu Pochury, Pochury Hoho

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