Thursday, March 4, 2021

State Wildlife Advisory Board meeting held

Dimapur, June 27: The first meeting of the State Wildlife Advisory Board was held at the Chief Ministers Secretariat office on June 26 under the chairmanship of chief minister Neiphiu Rio with participation of 32 members namely Dr. Nicky Kire, Advisor, Toshi Wangtung, Advisor, T. Amenba Yaden, MLA, Dr. Suresh Kumar, senior scientist, Wildlife Institute of India, Dr. Divanshu Scientist from ZSI (Zoological Survey of India), Dr. N Odyuo, Senior Scientist BSI (Botanical Survey of India), eminent NGOs working in the field of environment and wildlife, eminent conservationist, ecologists, and environmentalists and senior Government officials.
The CM stressed the need for conservation of wildlife and the environment for the survival of mankind, and hence the importance of the State Wildlife Advisory Board. He asked the Chief Wildlife Warden and member secretary of the board, Dr Ramesh K. Aima to initiate the discussion on the agenda items.
The agenda of notification of all the community conservation areas as ommunity reserves in accordance with The Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, in a phased manner was deliberated upon. All the queries of the members regarding the community reserves were satisfactorily replied by the department, and members approved the agenda.
The agenda of the recovery programme of endangered species of the State, 5 most endangered species namely Hoolock gibbon, Clouded leopard, Malayan Sun Bear, Blyth’s Tragopan and Black Softshell Turtles were proposed to be taken up in the first place. Brief background of the species and as to why these species need immediate attention was put up before the board by the member secretary. The agenda was thoroughly discussed by the members and it was agreed upon to take up the recovery programme.
Bano Haralu, Nagaland Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation Trust, stressed on the need of Mithun Conservation while S. Odyuo, Natural Nagas, highlighted the need for conservation of Black Softshell Turtles. Toshi Wangtung, MLA, advised to add more species to the programme.
The attention of the chairman was invited to the Amur Falcon week celebrations during the roosting period of the birds in the State which led to the disturbance of the roosting sites. The chairman advised to find the best time for the celebration week in such a way that there is least disturbance to birds, and also gives ample time for conducting awareness programmes to sensitize the youth and others about the programme. (Page News Service)