State teacher educators conference held


Dimapur, May 10: The inaugural programme of the 1st All Nagaland Teacher Educators Conference was held at SIEMAT conference hall, SCERT Kohima today on the theme “Changing perspectives and approaches in teacher education,” with Adviser for IPR, SCERT & Village Guards, Toshi Wungtong as the guest speaker.
In his address, the Adviser said that the mind should be explorative and one must have thinking mind, questioning mind and a reasoning mind. He mentioned that educators need to be revolutionary, universal and professional.
The Adviser said a secure, strong and quality society must come from teacher educators, and it is not only about being the best teacher from a scientific point of view, it is also about moral science. He stated that education has to be contributive, revolutionary, explorative and holistic, encompassing morality as well.
Comparing to being Christians beyond the wall of the church, he urged them to be professionals beyond the walls of where they teach. “Your responsibility goes beyond your salary, you are a builder you are a teacher and you are the most important people to mould the society as desired,” he said.
Former chairperson, NCTE, Prof. M.A. Siddiqui said teacher educators are the hope of education and shaping of teachers is the responsibility of teacher educators. “Gone are the days when it was believed that teachers could deliver without any orientation in their profession”.
He also mentioned that quality education lies on the shoulders of teacher educators and percolates down to the teachers. Having shouldered the responsibility of preparing teachers, he lamented on the poor system. “It gives me less pleasure and more pain to observe what has been happening on the ground there are many reasons why it is happening in the teachers’ education institutions and system,” he said.
Principal Secretary, School Education & SCERT, Menukhol John said the welcome address. Director SCERT, T. Sekhose gave the introduction to the programme. (Page News Service)