State reviews provision of Gr-IV employment to landowners

State reviews provision of  Gr-IV employment to landowners

Says Govt cannot provide jobs to landowners in perpetuity

Dimapur, March 15: Nagaland Government has cautioned that any agreement with the landowners on or after July 26, 2005, which violates the laid down policy of the government would be treated as null and void and the Department of Land Revenue would take necessary action according to nullify such agreement.
According to a Notification No LR/4-3/KOH/2003 dated 26/07/2005, no land shall be acquired free of cost and all land shall be acquired on payment of full compensation as determined by law and that no further condition for employment in service or contractual works should be entertained.
A notification issued by Chief Secretary on March 5 this year with regards to appointment to Grade-IV posts under the Government on land ownership basis, stated that in case the Department is of the view the agreement should not be declared null and void, it would refer it with relevant details giving justification to the Department of Land Revenue for examination and advice in consultation with P&AR and Justice & Law Departments and thereafter submit the matter for consideration and decision of the Cabinet.
Old cases where administrative headquarters and block headquarters were set up in various parts of the state on lands donated freely by individuals, villages or people of that area should not be reopened for compensation or for employment in consonance with the policy brought out vide Memorandum No. LR/2-135/76 dated 20/06/1977, the notification said.
The Chief Secretary further stated that in other cases prior to July 26, 2005 and subsequent to setting up of Administrative and Block headquarters on freely donated land, where a specific written agreement exists providing for employment to the landowner, the claim of landowner for employment should be settled in terms of such agreement.
“If there is any claim for providing employment as a result of oral agreement, the Department concerned would refer the matter to the Deputy Commissioner of the district concerned who woudl examine such claim carefully including whether any employment or any other facility including contract or supply ordere has been given in the past,” the notification said adding, written statements from the witness, Government officials of the concerned department and the district administration and village functionaries present at the time of such oral agreement shoudl be taken by the Deputy Commissioner.
The recommendation of the Deputy Commissioner should be referred with relevant documents to the Department of Land Revenue for advice in such cases by the Department concerned, the notification added.
The Department further clarified that it is not the policy of the Government to provide employment to the landowner in perpetuity.
“The employment of landowner, if permitted by a verifiable and valid agreement, is limited to the person first appointed as landowner in Government service and does not entitle his descendents for further employment on his retirement from service,” the notification said adding, “After the appointed landowner retires or vacates the post, the vacancy will be filled up through open advertisement in consonance with the existing policy giving equal opportunity to all applicants.” (Page News Service)