Thursday, June 24, 2021
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State police initiate probe into assault on doctor


Kohima, April 4: The State Police Department has started an inquiry into the assault case of Dr. Nosezol Sezo, Senior Medical Officer Medziphema, who was assaulted by police Friday evening at Purana Bazaar, Dimapur.
Police Department sources said Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) has been directed to make an inquiry into the incident.
Dr. Sezo was assaulted and his car was damaged by police personnel who were manning the total lockdown of Dimapur. Police personnel were reportedly in inebriated state when they accosted the medical officer near his house.
Dr. Sezo has also written a complaint letter to Deputy Commissioner Dimapur for necessary action deem fit. He said the action of the police was a “barbaric attempt to murder”.
Various organizations have condemned the police assault on the doctor.
There are reports of harassment of people by police in Dimapur while enforcing the total lockdown of Dimapur till April 6.
Since the lockdown was imposed in the State, police in Dimapur were given a free hand in harassing as well as “using the long arms (lathi) of the law” with impunity against innocent public. With the district police authority looking the other way while their personnel were running amok in the town for weeks now since the lockdown came into force, an incident like Friday night when the doctor was assaulted by some police personnel on duty was bound to happen sooner than later.
(Page News Service)