Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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State leaders compromising future of Naga people: Azo


Dimapur, August 8: NPF legislator Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today accused many Naga leaders of compromising the future of Naga people for their selfish interest and personal benefit.
Speaking at a NPF central youth wing ‘Mini Youth Rally’ at the Central office Kohima, the MLA claimed that many Naga leaders are destroying the future of Naga people for their self development.
Azo also claimed that many present Ministers of the PDA Government are misleading the people while referring to the ongoing Assembly session. “They (Ministers) disrespect the Assembly proceeding and mislead the people even on the pertinent issue, which was raised by the opposition members in the floor of the House,” he claimed.
Azo reiterated that the NPF party is the only party, which is deeply rooted with the Naga people and the Naga identity and called upon the party leaders for better co-relation among one another and to strengthen the party. “Time has come to strengthen the party while being in the opposition instead of thinking only to take over the Government,” he said.
The MLA also reminded that no other political party can protect the Naga people and its identity and if the NPF party is vanishes; it will be the greatest defeat for the Naga people. He called upon the party leaders to stick with the party principle and ideology and protect the Naga identity and be courageous to stand for the party and the Naga people.
Speaking on the topic, “Role of youth in opposition”, Er Loguseng Semp, ex-candidate, pointed out that in a democratic Government, as opposition, the youths are the watchdog to check the Government for proper implementation and utilization of the Government funding for the welfare of the people and called upon the youths to be responsible and accountable for better governance.
He also insisted the youths to put pressure on Government and raise question on behalf of the people and to give constructive criticism so that the policy makers in the Government will be influenced and work for the betterment of the people.
Dr Lmwang Konyak, general secretary (Central) who spoke on the topic “Role of social media in opposition”. A special greeting was delivered by Dr Huska Yepthomi, working president, women wing and farmers wing.
In an innovative initiative, the youth wing also presented a natural plant to all the special guest, symbolizing a gift of mother nature. (Page News Service)