Thursday, February 25, 2021
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State JDU accuses NDPP of poaching MLA


Says only Kaito defected, party still intact

Kohima, June 25: The Janata Dal United (JD-U) Nagaland Tuesday lambasted the defection of its lone legislator G Kaito Aye to ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) while also accusing NDPP of ‘poaching’ its MLA.
Addressing a press conference a day after Nagaland JDU Minister G Kaito Aye along with some ex-candidates merged with NDPP, State JDU president Senchumo NSN Lotha said “the development pertaining to the defection of MLA Kaito G Aye along with some vulnerable members of the JDU were swayed and lured by temporary materialistic gains”.
“The JDU Nagaland is not at all surprised at this development as it was on expected line,” Lotha said while claiming that “Aye, although, elected on JDU ticket, his heart and soul was never with the party”.
On the contrary, Lotha alleged that Aye had been trying to defect to BJP by meeting twice with BJP general secretary in-charge of Northeast, Ram Madhav with a request to defect to BJP.
“Aye expected BJP to welcome him with an open arm, but Madhav judiciously refused by asking him to respect the principles of alliance and moreover not to displease Nitish Kumar, the National President of JDU and Chief Minister, Bihar who is a very important partner of NDA,” Lotha claimed.
Lotha went on to state that after this shocking failure of having unable to overcome the political maturity of the BJP, Aye began to brew anti-party elements within JDU by going against National president Nitish Kumar’s stand against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2016.
Aye went further by trying to undermine the State Unit President and General Secretary because both these top functionaries refused to toe his line of thinking regarding the (CAB), he alleged.
“Unable to manipulate the top functionaries of the JDU who clearly told him (Aye) that they shall firmly stand by the leadership of Nitish Kumar and the party principles, he began working with the small fries of the party who are vulnerable because they have no party commitments and would rather go for even petty materialistic gains,” Lotha claimed.
“No wonder, Aye could easily carry them (ex-candidates) off with his unscrupulous tactics,” he said.
Claiming that Aye managed to take away some ex-candidates of the party on the pretext that “BJP Nagaland, which has 12 MLAs was threatening NDPP to drop him from present dispensation,” Lotha said the JDU feels relieved that he left the party.
Lotha also went on to clarify that it was only the lone legislator with some former candidates of the party that have defected to NDPP but the JDU Nagaland Unit is totally intact.
Meanwhile, Lotha accused NDPP of poaching alliance partner’s MLAs, oncluding the two NPP MLAs just before the Lok Sabha election. He said NDPP has been indulging in the ‘poaching game’ in order to form its own party government.
“NDPP has already poached 10 MLAs from other political parties in the State to have the strength of 29 in the House of 60 while it only requires two more MLAs to form its own party government,” he said.
Lotha expressed serious fear that NDPP would now continue its efforts to steal BJP MLAs, and therefore cautioned BJP to be careful.
“Such poaching of MLAs from other political parties is heights of political hypocrisy,” said Lotha while also predicting that “trouble is brewing within NDPP and will surface soon”.
Further, on its stand for alliance following the defection, Lotha said “we joined the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) considering the natural alliance between BJP and JDU at the Centre, and therefore we will not pull out of the alliance in the State till the time BJP is comfortable with it”.
On initiating disciplinary action against the defectors, Lotha said it would be done only after proper consultation with the national leadership in due course of time.
JDU Nagaland general secretary Kitoho S. Rotoka while supplementing Lotha clarified that as per the June 22 order of the National leadership, all the office bearers of the party in the North East, except the North East Executive Council chairman and he himself as general secretary were dissolved for re-organization of the party at all levels.
Therefore, he justified that there was no point of any office bearer of the State unit joining the ruling NDPP but they were all ex-candidates. (Page News Service)