Friday, April 23, 2021
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State Govt has no vision on Naga issue: NPCC


‘PDA Govt is no more representatives of the people’

Dimapur, October 29: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has accused the ruling People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) in Nagaland as without vision on the Naga political issue.
Reacting to a PDA statement, NPCC president K Therie termed the ruling alliance’s statement as “blunt and meaningless.”
“It simply indicates they have no vision,” he said in a statement.
The NPCC questioned, “What if the solution divides and downgrades Nagaland into three parts to Union Territories in the manner of J&K? What if the National Reserved Ingtangki Forest is used for rehabilitation? What if Art.371(A) is removed? What if worst of the worst comes and civil war breaks out?”
The State Congress also questioned the “active facilitator’ policy of the State Government. “Is it facilitation of multiple-taxation and multi-government administrations? What is honourable to the people? What is acceptable to the people? Who should spell out to both GOI and the Teams engaged in the negotiations? Are they not the elected representative of the people enjoying the mandate,” he questioned.
The NPCC president viewed the endorsement of the Joint Legislative Forum (JLF) resolution “which is of greeting, a surrender statement and of appeal,” as a clear indication of the PDA’s attempt to escape responsibility.
“The stakeholders know best what is honourable and acceptable to us. It is not the giver. It is the responsibility of the representatives to voice the demands of the people. They have however, utterly failed to represent the people,” he stated.
Stating that the people of Nagaland must look in front and walk to the future, Therie said, “Political life has no end. History cannot be erased. Things will improve with time. The present solution is not the end of the world. While we remain faithful to history, we must also strive positively to catch up with the advancements.”
Therie claimed that the Congress party has continued to uphold the resolution passed by NNO, the founding fathers of the Congress party session at Pfütsero in 1972 that it shall endeavour to solve the political problem through peaceful and constitutional means. “We believe in non-violence, truth and honesty. Congress’ founding fathers have brought about 16PA and Art.371(A). We are all enjoying the fruits otherwise we would have been a District under Assam,” he said.
On PDA accusation that other political parties have reverted from its policies, the NPCC said the statement points more at themselves (PDA). “Most of the players in NNDP are erstwhile Congress members. They have reaped the benefits of Congress and even today they are enjoying the achievements of Congress. It is shameless of them to accuse other political parties, when they themselves are defectors.”
The NPCC also stated that the scope of improvement to 16 PA is open, and expressed hope the present solution will improve and strengthen Art.371(A) in view of the 213th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, the working paper circulated on social media and by following the negotiations.
Observing that the Framework Agreement has been interpreted differently by the teams engaged in the negotiations, the NPC, however, said they cannot differ before Parliament. The impact of solution will have direct bearing upon the stakeholders. Congress is with the people and will be with the people, he said.
The NPCC said to improve political structures by way of delimitation of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Legislative Council or Upper House as in the 16 PA and increase the State Assembly seats to 80 for Nagaland, it said the NPCC’s jurisdiction is Nagaland and therefore “we do not have the authority to represent other cases and as such, we have left the matter to our brothers and sisters.”
Once solution is reached, the Congress, however, wanted generous and sustainable resettlement schemes to be flooded to aggrieved widows, orphans and genuine national workers.
On economic package, the NPCC said it is happy that Art.371(A) will not only be upheld but would be strengthened and explored to extend to contiguous Naga inhabited areas.
On integration, it said the issue is included under clause 13 of the 16 PA. “Contiguous Naga areas may integrate with new Nagaland State if they so desire. In the matter, Nagaland State Assembly has reiterated in several resolutions. However, the contiguous areas of Nagas especially Manipur Nagas have rejected through mandate by defeating all Naga Integration Council candidates in the elections and further, Manipur State Government has repeatedly spelt out that not an inch of land will be parted. Even in the Framework Agreement, it was agreed that interstate boundaries shall not be altered. Therefore the issue is beyond Nagaland’s means.”
Stating that after reading the 213th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee and hearing the negotiators and interlocutor, found it was in the spirit of the people’s aspirations in the present situation for we understand in negotiation, it cannot be one sided, the NPCC said in the interests of the people, it has decided to support political solution rising above political party boundaries.
The NPCC admitted that the PDA understands people want peace, corruption free governance, one government one tax and good roads, and that people want to be relieved from multiple government taxes and gross administration.
“However, there is no politics with PDA. Their only policy is to loot and buy votes, practice nepotism, backdoor appointments and enslave voters. They have no courage to stand for the people. PDA’s statement is with attempt to escape and blame JLF,” he alleged.
Stating that the PDA government should be dismissed, the NPCC said the present Government is no more representatives of the people for they cannot protect or defend the people. “They have failed to control goons and illegal collections. They have mismanaged the state exchequer and are not even able to pay genuine salaries while existing infrastructures have collapsed.”
“Post solution, people want, peace, corruption free government and progressive growth. In the given situation, we have come to a total halt. We need improvement. Nagaland people must look in front and walk to the future,” he added.
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