Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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State Govt. delaying solution: Congress

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‘Facilitator not needed as talks are over’

DIMAPUR, JUNE 13: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today accused the Government of Nagaland of delaying Naga solution since September 2019 “in the name of facilitation only to protect their chairs”.
“Delay is by the state Government since September 2019. State Government is overworking to delay in the name of facilitation only to protect their chairs. Do not play any more delay tactics. 18 years of DAN-I, II and III have been only of betrayal”, alleged NPCC president K Therie in an emailed press release.

Therie was reacting to the recent constitution of a Parliamentary Committee (Core Committee) on Naga Political Issue headed by the Chief Minister to discuss matters relating to the Naga political issue and to play the role of facilitator in the ongoing peace talks between the Government of India and the Naga Political Groups.
“Dissolve the State Assembly. There is no need for Nagaland State Assembly, JLF or Core Committee to facilitate political negotiation anymore. Hon’ble Governor and Interlocutor has said talks are over. It cannot be a joke”, the NPCC said.
Therie reminded that even the NSCN (IM) has warned the Core Committee not to intervene in the Framework Agreement “which is best known to NSCN (IM) and GOI.”
“Now therefore, there is nothing to intervene”, he said.
Therie added that the WC of NNPGs has also reached “Agreed Points” way back on November 17, 2017. Stakeholders have concurred and have demanded solution.
Accusing the State Government of delaying solution in the name of facilitation only, the NPCC said urged Nagaland voters to stand together on issues of common interest in voting. “After giving power to the traitors, we are shouting in the streets and at GOI whereas, our vote in pointing back at us”, he claimed.
“Excepting the Congress Party in Nagaland, all other political parties, both ‘Ruling’ and ‘Opposition’ have joined in delay tactics. They are also in alliance with Hindutva, camouflaged in regional garb. Their inner heart is not with the people of Nagaland. They are for their power and money”, alleged Therie.

“They have promised to “pave the way for honourable and acceptable solution”. If they are honest and not traitors, they should dissolve the Assembly in favour of solution that has been arrived under Framework Agreement (3rd Aug 2015) and Agreed Points (17th Nov 2017). Leave it to GoI and the negotiating teams. The solution will be implemented without delay and election called for”, he added.
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