Saturday, February 27, 2021
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State DRDAs to get funds on performance basis


Dimapur, August 7: Minister for Rural Development, Metsubo Jamir today stated that fund release will not be equal or uniform for all the DRDAs but will be strictly on performance basis and as what is seen on the online portals. Towards this end, he called upon all the PDs and BDOs to be alert about these changes.
Interacting with departmental officials during his first visit as Minister of Rural Development, Jamir said certain administrative or operational systems may have to be affected so that the department can try and make up from where it had been lagging behind. He also opined that as family, certain changes that needs to be made has to be done without any ill intend so that the department doesn’t suffer because of one or two officers.
Reminding them that RD is a department that needs a lot of support from each other as one block cannot be isolated from the other, he pointed out that it is important to examine themselves and their performances and help each other out.
Maintaining that people will be expecting much now that he is back in the department again, Jamir sought the cooperation of all the officers while also assuring his support to the team headed by principal secretary. He further welcomed all officers to come and share problems and try to iron out miscommunications if there are any in the department.
Principal Secretary, RD, Bendangkokba, IAS also highlighted the new programmes that were added recently and discussed problems opening of bank accounts and implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer, RGSA and other issues faced.
Secretary, RD, Neposo Theluo said the department is fortunate to have him back as he needs no introduction to the programmes and he already knows the problems faced by the department better than anyone. He said the department had to be revamped and streamlined in many ways and hoped the minister will take it as a challenge and RD can move forward with a new vision and renewed commitment.
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