Friday, March 31, 2023

State Advisory Board on Disability re-constituted

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 22: Government of Nagaland has re-constituted the State Advisory Board on Disability to exercise the powers conferred on and to perform the function assigned to it under the provision of the aforesaid Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and Nagaland Rights of persons with Disabilities Rules 2019.
The re-constituted Board consists of Minister, i/c Social Welfare Department –Chairperson, Ex-Officio; Advisor, Social Welfare, Nagaland–Member, Ex-Officio; 2 NLA members to be nominated by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly–Member, Ex-Officio; Chief Secretary, Nagaland–Vice Chairperson, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Finance Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Health & Family Welfare Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Information Technology & Communication Department– Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Industries & Commerce Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Lab. & Emp. & Skill Dev., Craftsman & Training Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, P&AR Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Rural Development Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, School Education Department– Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Science & Technology Department –Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Social Welfare Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Transport Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Works & Housing Department–Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Urban Development Department– Member, Ex-Officio; AHOD, Youth Resource & Sports Department– Member, Ex-Officio; State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Nagaland, Kohima–Member, Ex-Officio; Members experts in the field of disability and rehabilitation (a. Representative from DDRC Dimapur District Hospital); 1 Representative from the office of the Commissioner, Nagaland representing the District-level Committees on Disability; 1 Representative each from the 5 (five) groups of specified Disabilities as mentioned in the Scheduled of the Rights of Persons With disability Act 2016 – either an individual with disability – or from an NGO working in the area of any specified disabilities; Representative from Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CNCCI); and Director, Social Welfare–Member Secretary.
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