Monday, September 20, 2021

Stage set for NagaWrestleMania 8 – King Of The Ring C’ship

Aspiring wrestlers of NagaWrestleMania 8 - King Of The Ring Championship pose for lens at the venue in Solidarity Park Kohima on February 27, 2020.

Kohima, February 27: The stage is all set for the 3E Nagaland organised invitational NagaWrestleMania 8 – King Of The Ring Championship 2021, under the aegis of Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA) at Naga Solidarity Park, behind Civil Secretariat here from 3PM onwards on Saturday.

Managing Director of Elite Entertainment Enterprise (3E), Kethosituo Mepfuo told media persons here said that 20 invited popular Naga wrestlers including Reigning NWA Champion, Former 2-time NagaWrestleMania Middleweight Champion and 2-time King Of The Ring Champion Venuzo Dawhuo, Former NWA Champion and Reigning NWA Open Champion Menuosetuo Yiese, Former Zeliang Champion Nlumrai Hegwang, Reigning Phek Area Wrestling Champion Vekuzo Vezuh, Former 3-time Hornbill Wrestling Champion, NWA Open Champion and NagaWrestleMania Heavyweight Champion Dzieselatuo Keretsü, Former ASA Champion and Current NWA Runner-up Kezhaseluo-O Pienyü, Reigning 2-time Khezha-Kuzha-Tephe Wrestling Champion Reka Mero and Reigning Chakhesang Open Wrestling Champion Kezhavizo Thevo.
The cash prizes for the indoor event will be– champion Rs. 50,000 with Championship Belt, runner-up Rs. 30,000, third place Rs. 15,000 and fourth place Rs. 10,000, said Mepfuo.
He said the event will be streamed Live for PPV (pay-per-view) making it the first ever PPV event in the history of Naga Wrestling.
Facebook users can follow/like NagaWrestleMania page for details to buy PPV access to the event “King Of The Ring Championship 2021” using any ATM card, he said.
Saying that all SOPs on COVID-19 will be strictly adhered to during the entire proceedings, he requested all attendees to the championship, wrestlers, officials and spectators to compulsorily wear masks and also undergo thermal screening and sanitizing procedures before entry into the venue.
Mepfuo also informed that entry tickets for spectators priced at Rs 2000 for donors and Rs 300 per head into the gallery would be available on the spot.
(Page News Service)