Tuesday, May 11, 2021

SSSUD not to pay tax to EF&CC, G&M Deptts

Dimapur, May 30: Sand Stockists & Supplies Union Dimapur (SSSUD) today said that it would stop paying tax to environment, forest and climate change (EF&CC) and Geology & Mining Department with effect from June 1 till the government gives final decision as to which department would be allowed to collect tax on sand laden vehicles.
The Union in a press release issued by its president, Viniho Shohe and secretary, Nito Sumi, stated that it is not in a position to give tax to two departments on the same item.
It said whereas Geology & Mining Department is issuing money receipt, the Forest Department is issuing token in small piece of paper at both New Field and Delai Check Gates.
The Union also sought clarification from Nagaland Government as to which department is authorized to collect the said tax from sand laden vehicles. It said if any untoward incident happens during when it is opposed, the concerned Environment, Forest & Climate Change (EF&CC) and Geology & Mining Department would be held responsible for the whole incident.
The Union requested all suppliers, vehicle owners and drivers of sand laden vehicles to follow the meeting resolution and not to pay tax from June 1. If any vehicle is found paying tax, the defaulter vehicle would not be allowed to unload sand at the stockiest
The Union also requested all its members to reach the New Field and Delai Gate at 4.30 a.m. on June 1. (Page News Service)