Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Spurious liquor racket: WSH questions ‘competence’ of State police

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Lauds Assam Rifles for busting racket
Dimapur, September 3: The Western Sumi Hoho has vehemently condemned the spurious liquor racket at 7th mile Dimapur in the strongest terms where one Electo Sumi, reportedly a driver and a member from the Sümi community, was also arrested. The Hoho demands the law enforcing agencies to ensure stringent punishment on all those involved in the adulteration and unearth the nexus.
Applauding the Assam Rifles for their commendable job of busting the illegal activity and saving many lives from such “poisonous liquor”, the WSH also questioned how this kind of activity goes unnoticed by our State police and Excise Department.
“Being unaware of such illegal activity shows the incompetence and our own police force needs to roll up its sleeves and pull up its socks. Such raids should not end there but should be investigated till all skeletons in the cupboard come out,” it stated.
Stating that whoever are involved in racket are “inhuman, heartless devoid of any conscience,” it said mixing toxic agents such as hydrochloric acid with liquor and selling them to fellow beings to consume and earn money is an act of total abomination tantamount to cold blooded murder of innocent lives. “People indulging in such acts as these are unpardonable and nothing short of being of a devil’s own agent. No sane person in his right mind will ever do such murderous business. One can only wonder how many lives have already been lost by drinking such poisonous liquor manufactured by this heartless group of unscrupulous people,” it stated.
The WSH also alerted the village/colony authorities to be vigilant so that such acts do not take place under their very nose.
“Our courts should not grant bail easily to those accused who always get out after some next few days where they again starts indulging in the same old anti-social activities as they know that they will go scot-free since there is no real strong deterrent act despite arrest being made,” it said while also appealing to lawyers not to take up cases for such people committing heinous deeds.
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