Saturday, March 6, 2021

Sportspersons asked to be humble

39th Aghunaqa Area Sports
Vice President, NSCN (R), Akato Chophy addressing gathering at Aghunaqa on Monday.

Dimapur, November 26: The 39th Aghunaqa Area Sports Association (AASA) Kukami (GBs) Memorial Trophy started on Monday at Aghunaqa headquarter with Vice President, NSCN (R), Akato Chophy as the chief guest.
Addressing the gathering after hoisting the AASA flag, Akato urged upon the participating sportspersons to be disciplined and humble themselves regardless of their achievements in the sporting field.
“Once we get recognized even at the local level in the field of sports, an individual tends to think that the team cannot surge ahead without his/her participation and maintains self pride which would eventually lead to our loss,” he said and advised the players to be humble.
Akato also pointed out that many players tend to indulge in intoxicants without giving a second thought about how it was going to negatively affect their future performance in the sporting field. “To excel in the field of sports, talent is not the only thing but we need to keep our physique fit and healthy,” he added.
Further, the chief guest dwelt on how the youngsters have begun to immerse themselves with the western culture and gradually forgetting their own culture and tradition. He emphasized on the need to preserve and promote one’s mother tongue which maintains a strong identity for the people. Akato also urged the youngsters to inculcate the habit of respecting their elders and leaders.
He also briefly recalled how he, along with other leaders of the area, had taken initiatives for development of the area during the earlier days.
Aghunaqa Area Kukami Kuqhakulu, President, Mughavi Awomi delivered the welcome address while Pihekhu and Yetoho villages performed cultural items.
Altogether, 12 villages are participating in the GBs Memorial Trophy which will culminate on November 30. (Page News Service)