Spl Prayer Moment for political prisoners on March 24


Dimapur, March 18: The Council of Nagalim Churches (CNC) has informed all the nation loving citizens that a Special Prayer Moment for Political Prisoners of Naga freedom movement would be held during Sunday worship service on March 24.
The CNC said that many national workers and innocent civilians have been languishing in prisons for years, some of whom are in a very pathetic and miserable condition.
It appealed to all the Church leaders/Pastors/Prayer Centers to uphold the prisoners of Naga Freedom Movement by inserting a special moment in the midst of Sunday Worship Service Program.
All the NNPGs have been requested to do so in their respective camps, because some of their party members, own brothers and sisters, are also in jails.
As for the NSCN, Regional CAOs, Commanders and Chaplains have been requested to take the responsibility of organizing the Prayer Service for the prisoners in their respective headquarters/camps.
All NSCN members/cadres have been requested to attend the prayer service in their respective camps/Churches. In the case of members living in and around Dimapur and Peren Districts, they have been requested to turn up to CHQ Church, Hebron, for this Special Prayer Moment.
(Page News Service)