Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Spirited booze joints defy Sunday closure diktat


Dimapur, January 20: Even as most shops remains closed for the second consecutive Sundays this year following directive from the NSCN (IM) UT earlier this year to that effect in order to “mark the day as Holy,” most business establishments in Dimapur selling liquor remained open today defying the diktat.
Bars, restaurants and lounges serving liquor did brisk business behind downed shutters today, while IMFL wholesalers in this ‘Dry State’ openly sold their wares as on any other regular days.
It was apparent to anyone passing across the town today that the restaurants/hotels and lounges that serves alcohol on all weekdays were also open today despite the shutters being down by the large number of vehicles parked outside such establishments and the number of people going in and out at regular intervals.
The liquor wholesalers that have set up shops in every major junctions of the town also did business openly like any other day. It is a surprise that the shops of the IMFL wholesalers are visible to everyone but till date remains invisible to the enforcing agencies.
Apart from the liquor sellers, shops closure in Dimapur today was to a large extent total with even pharmacies and bakeries, which were exempted from earlier Sunday’s closure diktat by the NSCN (IM), staying closed.
Vegetables sellers at Super Market, Naga Shopping Arcade as well as at New Market here also remained closed, even though the afternoon bazaar at Signal Basti remained opened for the second straight Sunday today. It is not known whether the afternoon bazaar at Signal Basti is outside the purview of the Sunday’s closure diktat.
Meanwhile traders in Assam side of the Assam-Nagaland border are getting the windfall out of the Sunday’s closure here as people are thronging the border areas for shopping. (Page News Service)