Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Spike in COVID-19 cases in paramilitary QC at Dimapur


Dimapur, July 12: With Dimapur seeing a steady increase in number of COVID-19 cases, the Deputy Commissioner, Anoop Kinchi IAS convened a meeting with CMO Dimapur and para military forces on Sunday in the conference hall of DC Dimapur.
In the meeting, Anoop stressed on the importance of the district administration, medical department and paramilitary forces in working together to fight and contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to official data issued by the State Health & Family Welfare Department, the number of positive cases among paramilitary forces has almost doubled in Dimapur since July 4. As per the data, on July 4 the confirmed cases in the AR Hospital Dimapur were 44, out of which 24 were active cases and 20 had recovered. But on July 12, the total cases have jumped to 84, out of which 64 cases are active cases (61 asymptomatic and 3 mild cases) while 20 have recovered.
CMO Dimapur, Dr Tiasunep Pongener informed about the increase in positive cases in the paramilitary quarantine centers as well as cases of re-infection. In this regard, Dr Tia urged all concerned to maintain discipline and follow strict protocols for ensuring that cases dwindles down.
The meeting decided that central collection point will be identified for collection of samples of all military and paramilitary forces in Dimapur District. It was also decided that the CMO will sent his team for imparting training on how to take samples and for maintaining necessary SOPs for initial few days after which they will be able to collect samples themselves. Further, it was agreed that CMO Dimapur will provide medium for sample collection.
Noting that the paramilitary COVID hospitals and Dimapur COVID hospital are reaching their maximum limit, the members felt that it might not be possible for accommodating more patients in the near future. Therefore, it was suggested that another location will have to be identified as additional COVID care center.
In this regard, Ganeshnagar QC, New DC office complex Chumukedima and Institute of Hotel Management Kushuabill were suggested. The meeting decided that the new additional COVID care center so identified will be jointly managed with the help of military and paramilitary.
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