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SPFDD condemns arson


Dimapur, December 11: The Sangtam People’s Forum Dimapur District (SPFDD) has condemned the arson act of Hukato, Kilonser of NSCN (Unification) setup along with his men who came to Sangtamtilla village and forcefully burnt down 18 houses and damaged properties, manhandled many villagers including women and children.
In a press release, SPFDD president, Bitong and press and information secretary, Imlikumzuk Sangtam alleged that Hukato has even threatened the village leaders with dire consequences.
“The callous act of Mr. Hukato for misusing his authority/power which emanated from the mandate of the Nagas by using his government agents, arms and ammunition to threaten and terrorize the general public is uncalled for and total abuse of power which is condemnable by one and all,” it said.
The Forum demanded to know if he has been authorised by the NSCN (Unification) government or on what authority does he had openly target and incited the Sangtam Nagas when all Nagas are yearning for peaceful co-existence.
The Forum said the outrageous and despicable incident occurred when the Dimapur district was imposing a complete bandh spearheaded by Public Action Committee (PAC) against the high handedness and abuse of power by some group/individuals against the business community.
The Forum reiterated that Dimapur district have become a safe haven for terrorist activity and such act should be condemned and question by all right thinking Nagas. (Page News Service)