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Spell out steps taken for bringing peace in Manipur: NHRC notice to Centre, State Govt


NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 17: The NHRC has issued notices to the Centre, the Manipur Government and the State’s police chief and sought further reports, asking them to “clearly spell out” the steps being taken for bringing peace in the restive state, officials said on Tuesday.
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has received action taken reports (ATRs) from the Government of Manipur in response to its previous notices in various cases relating to incidents of violence, they said.
“It has stated that many steps have been taken relating to the incidents of violence in the State, including reinforcements in law and order machinery and security, setting up of relief camps and a peace committee, relaxing curfew, reinstating internet and banking services in a measured manner, ex-gratia for the families of the dead, compensation packages for the injured, and rebuilding of damaged houses”, the NHRC said in a statement on Tuesday.
It has also been informed that the Centre has constituted a commission of inquiry to arrive at the causes of the conflict and that 6 FIRs have been transferred to the CBI for investigation independently. It has also been noted that a large number of relief camps are operational in the affected areas, the rights panel said.
“Considering various aspects, the Commission has issued notices to the Secretary, Union Ministry of Home Affairs, the Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police, Government of Manipur, calling for ATRs”, the statement said.
The ATRs have been sought on a range of matters within 4 weeks, the officials said.
Manipur has been witnessing ethnic clashes since May 3 between the majority Meitei community, concentrated in the Imphal valley and the Kukis, occupying the hills.
“Peace-building measures for rival communities should be organized”, the NHRC statement said.
The State Government may expeditiously furnish details of the compensation provided in the case of death to the next of kin of the victim as well as to the injured persons; number of compassionate appointments provided, and “steps taken for bringing the peace be clearly spelt out”, the statement said.
“Considering the various aspects and the large number of relief camps in operation, the State Government is directed to see that there is proper facility for sanitation and waste disposal, proper water for drinking, cooking and washing is provided; adequate food having proper nutritional values be provided as prescribed by the National Disaster Management Authority”, it said.
Health and mental health services be properly maintained; primary healthcare be provided in the camps by arranging visits by health workers and it should be ensured that there is no shortage of medicines, the rights panel said.
The State Government should make adequate arrangements for schooling and educational services in the affected areas for the benefit of the children in the camps; employment may be provided for the livelihood of the inmates/incumbents living in the camps; and helping hands be provided as early as possible for rebuilding the houses which have been damaged, the statement said.
The Commission said it had registered 18 cases in connection with the incidents of violence in Manipur related to human rights violations in the last few months.
“After issuing initial notices calling for reports in all these matters, the Commission on further consideration held that since the nature of the matters was identical, therefore, a common questionnaire was prepared on which the reports were sought from the concerned authority on vide its proceeding dated 30th August 2023 and 12th September, 2023. Out of these, the responses have been received in all except in 8 cases. The reminder notices have also been issued for reports in the remaining cases,” it said.