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Speed thrills as roaring engines fuel adrenaline

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6th JK Tyre DMSC Autocross off to blistering start at Agri-Expo in Dimapur

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DIMAPUR, MARCH 18: Larry Mukhim from Meghalaya clocked the fastest lap time on the 1.5 km racing circuit at the ongoing 6th JK Tyre Dimapur Motorsports Club (DMSC) Autocross 2021 at Agri-Expo, Dimapur on Thursday.
Mukhim, driving a Gypsy in SUV category, took a total of 1 minute 33 seconds and 88 milliseconds to complete the circuit; and his lap time was adjudged the fastest in SUV category.

This year’s edition of the JK Tyre Autocross, organised by the DMSC, witnessed the keen participation of 47 racing enthusiasts from Meghalaya, West Bengal, Assam and Nagaland.
Of the 19 drivers who participated in the above 1000 CC category, Yeshika’s lap time of 01:41:25 minute was registered as the fastest. Completing the track in 01:45:88 minute, Obeth’s lap time was recorded as quickest in below 1000 CC category.
Kheholi Sema and K Arenla, the only participants in ladies category, registered a lap time of 02:10:05 and 02:37:51 respectively. Also, 18 drivers took part in the rookie category.
Later during the day, adviser to DMSC, Atsung Changkija informed that regardless of the lap time registered by the participants on Day 1, the title under each category is still anyone’s game since all participants will be given a chance to prove their mettle on the same track on Day 2.
Talking about the event in its entirety, Changkija said that DMSC usually organises Autocross events with more hairpin turns. “However, with the weather being good and the surface dry, DMSC thought of leaving more room for speed track,” he shared.

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“The 6th edition of the DMSC Autocross, which is also a curtain raiser for Autocross events in Nagaland, was conceptualised in such a way that spectators can enjoy, will derive thrill from the race and the participants can enjoy the event with less technical tracks and longer stretch for speeding,” added Changkija.
He also said that DMSC was quite satisfied with the overall turnout of the participants as well as the spectators.
Queried about his observation on the performance of the women drivers from Nagaland, Changkija shared that the drivers in the ladies category have done really well. “Given the fact that they are participating in the event for the first time, the ladies succeeded in delivering the adrenaline rush to the spectators and I hope that they will do better on Day 2,” he added.
Something about NE drivers
Chief Steward of the event, Ravi Agarwal said the overall activities of the day were very good with no awkward accidents. He said that breakdowns and topple-overs tend to happen in events like Autocross and fortunately, none of that happened on Thursday.
Asked of his personal observation of the event, Agarwal said: “I see the enthusiasm in Nagaland among the competitors and personally, I’d like to encourage the participants to try their hands in the national circuit so that they also know where they stand in the racing spectrum and to find ways to improve themselves.”
He also opined that the riding skills of the drivers at the event “are fantastic out here”, and stated that “drivers, especially from the Northeast, have something in them”.

Queried about the technical aspect of the track and how the participants handled it, Agarwal said: “While the event is being conducted on a fast circuit with less hairpin turns and more room for speeding, I can safely bet that even if we go into the hills, some participants in the event have the potential to be faster than many drivers who are in the national circuit.”
Some of the spectators said that they felt anxious and nervous even when they were not the ones participating in the race. They added that the race provided them with a thrilling and exciting experience.

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A participant in SUV category, Among Jamir said that it was his first time in an Autocross challenge though he has been racing for many years. He said that the feeling of driving on the course made him feel excited and thrilled.
According to him, there were many good and talented drivers in the race “so it is a tough challenge”. As for his performance, he said that he was satisfied with what he had delivered and hoped to do better in the next race.