Speech of Z. Royim Yimchungrii, Acting President of NNC Parent Body


Dear Naga people,
I greet all the Naga people in the Homeland and outside on this occasion of Naga National Plebiscite Day of 16th May 2018. On 16th May 1951, that is 67 years ago the Naga people conducted National Plebiscite to show the world and the Government of India in particular that the Nagas were politically sovereign as the result declared 99.9 per cent for sovereignty.
Therefore, even today the Naga people uphold this Plebiscite as the basic right of Naga sovereignty and this democratic right cannot be erased or eliminated in any manner. This is the Naga inalienable right of sovereignty.
But today, it is unfortunate that the Government of India is not in the position to talk about Naga sovereignty, therefore, this is the Government of India’s problem and not the Naga people’s.
And on the part of Naga people, the very division of factionalism in the Homeland has adversely affected and damaged the political struggle for freedom, and it is very unfortunate to say that the fight is going to be reduced to compartmental political solution.
I must also today remind the people that our fight for freedom is not only worldly politics but spiritual too.
Therefore, I on behalf of NNC Parent Body appeal to the Naga people at large to pray earnestly to our living God to do miracle for the Nagas at this crucial stage of our fight for freedom.
I also appeal to the other two Naga National Political Groups to come forward to join in the present political negotiation with Government of India to bring out the best solution unitedly in the interest of our freedom.
The Naga people cannot part with each other in our common fight for freedom. Therefore, the Eastern Naga people (Burma side) must not be discarded or neglected but instead do what is best possible and feasible for our downtrodden Naga people that side of the international arbitrary boundary.
Today, I must make it very clear to one and all that the General Secretary of NNC Parent Body Mr. V. Nagi who is also the co-convener of six NNPGs is officially empowered and entrusted to negotiate with the Government of India since last year by the NNC Parent Body and I the Acting President in particular. And the Central Executive Council of NNC Parent Body on 8th May 2018 reaffirmed his leadership to continue and negotiate the on going political talk at New Delhi. Therefore, there is no dispute on this matter of concern.
In fact, the three NNPGs in 2010 came together under unconditional unity in the first place. But in the year 2016 the Nagaland Tribe Council brought six groups together under the umbrella of “Interim Platform” called Working Group (now Working Committee) and officially signed on 13th December 2016. And the six NNPGs are working with equal status under the Deed of Commitment signed on 8th August 2017 in the interest of the Naga people and to safeguard the inalienable historical and political rights. Therefore, there should not be any misunderstanding or dispute on this matter at this crucial stage of negotiation with Government of India.
Last but not the least, I sincerely appeal to the Government of India to be brutally honest in the negotiation to come to a logical conclusion for a peaceful political solution.
May God Almighty Bless my Nagaland.

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