Speech of Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President, Naga National Council on the occasion of 64th Naga Republic day


Dear Naga people, I humbly bow down in prayer to our living God Jesus Christ on this occasion of our Naga Republic Day to bless all Naga people in Myanmar, Manipur, Assam, Arunachal and Nagaland as we observe and celebrate the Naga National Day.
Today, firstly I personally thank all the NNC officials, executive members, regional members, women federation members, Naga Army Officials and senior NNC leaders who officially elected the Acting President, Vice President and the General Secretary in the General Meeting of NNC on 7th March 2019 and bestowed upon the officials with new mandate for five years term of office.
And in this regard, I personally beseech all the Naga people and all concerned to help cooperate and extend all possible help to the NNC officials in furtherance of our political goal for freedom of recognition as a people and nation in praise and glory of our God Almighty. I also earnestly pray to God to grant wisdom, strength, power to overcome all difficulties, obstacles and oppositions in pursuance of our political sovereignty as God given destiny.
Also today as we celebrate our 64th Republic Day, I salute all the Naga martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Naga sovereignty. We the Naga people who are living today ought to remember their sacrificial deeds for the cause of freedom and do our part as well for posterity. Let us also pray to God for their families and our future as we observe the National day.
Today the Naga people as a whole must know and understand the present critical situation that is happening among the Naga National Political Groups, some of whom stood firm for the historical and political rights of the Naga people and those who compromised the political rights for their own vested interest. As we have suffered immensely in the past because of traitors and even today because of certain leaders/groups who compromised political rights in connivance with aggressor has caused a great damage politically for our future. This is a very serious matter at this crucial time for the Naga people as we are working and negotiating with the Government of India and which will have an impact on our future as well.
However it was a failure on the part of the Government of India too as they could not do what they committed for Naga Political solution. And instead dragging the issue and creating confusion among the Naga National workers for their own interest and showed no sincerity and honesty in their dealing with this 7 decades old political problem of the Naga people in spite of being the largest democracy in the world.
Therefore, I on behalf of the NNC appeal to all those who stood firm for Naga political rights stay united to stand together with one voice and one destiny to achieve our rightful freedom for posterity.
The North East people of origin also must stand together to overcome the imperialist forces of one religion, one language, one culture, one tax, etc. of extreme Hindu dominance. We are Christian and will remain firm believers of Jesus Christ the savior of the world.The indigenous North East people must stand firm and work together to defeat the illegal immigrants in the Homeland. Since the very policy of this immigrants is to completely dominate our blessed and rich land. Therefore, the North East people must work on political and physical mechanism to drive them out from our land before it is too late.
The present BJP Government’s very policy is to push these immigrants to fight against the original people of the land and this is their indirect political game to control and grab the entire land of the North East indigenous people in order to wipe out the political rights of the people in this part of the world. This is a very dangerous trend which should be seriously looked into and take all the right actions together for the best interest of the region.
In conclusion I once again reiterate the NNC political stand for Naga people’s historical and political rights for sovereignty as resolved to stand for the Historical & political rights of the Nagas of 1929 memorandum submitted to the British India of Simon Commission, the Naga declaration of 14th August 1947 acknowledged by the United Nations Organisation, the Plebiscite of 16th May 1951 of 99.9% for the Naga freedom even in the future till freedom of sovereignty is achieved . Also the resolution to reject any other agreement or accord of Article 371(A) of 16th Point Agreement or any agreement below the historical and political rights of the Naga people’s sacrificial blood and tears.
God Bless my Nagaland. KUKNALIM

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