Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Speech of Y Wangtin Naga, President, NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) on 73rd Naga Independence Day

Dearest Comrades of all Rank & Files, My dear Compatriots and Countrymen and Women.
First and Foremost, let us all thank our Almighty God for Sustaining our Naga Freedom Struggle from all ups and downs, and sheltering us from our enemies, because it was only by His Grace and Divine Intervention, that we Nagas could come this far.
The History of Naga Nation is based on the History of Sacrifices, Blood and Tears. It is also a History of Oppression, Suppression and Subjucation from the hands of our Neighbouring Countries (India and Myanmar), who are Militarily, Politically, Economically and Resourcefully much more powerful than we are, but with God on our side, we bravely fought them back, with what little resources we had and have been defending our Rights till date, and the Credit goes not only to the ‘Freedom Fighters’ but to every Naga Men and Women and Sympathisers, who contributed Financially, Physicallly and in Prayers for the Naga Cause.
On this Auspicious day, I take this privilege in Saluting our Naga Patriots and Martyrs who laid down their lives for our National Cause. Though they are no more with us, yet their legacy will remain and linger on forever, and I pray earnestly and humbly to God to provide Solace and Sustenence to the family members of the Martyrs. I also appeal to the Naga People to respect our History, because without History we are a ‘Lost People’.
After such a long Conflict, which is one of the longest conflict (or perhaps the longest conflict) of Asia, which has been going on for almost a Century now, our Aggressor (India) realised the futilities of Military Warfare against Nagas, and that the Indo-Naga imbroglio cannot be solved Militarily but only through Political Negotiation, that led to many agreements and talks which eventually led to the signing of an agreement on 17th November 2017 with the WC NNPGs, of which the talks is still being held, so as to come to a Peaceful Conclusion sooner or later between the two Warring Nations/Entities.(India-Nagaland)
Today, the Naga people are apprehensive of the Art 371A that gives special provision, after the scrapping of J&K’s Art.370, but we must remember that Art.371A was a product of Political process that was arranged before the State of Nagaland came into being, which is a well arranged Article gifted to the Nagas through Political Arrangement, never to be deleted or revoked. Hence the Nagas should be rest assured not to be worried but look forward to the talks being held between the GoI and WC NNPGs, where the three years Political Negotiation has covered almost all the core issues, to arrange for a dignified political solution between two Co-Existing Entities.
Unlike other Interolocutors and Prime Ministers, the present incumbent RN Ravi and PM Narendra Modi are more serious to solve the Naga Issue at the earliest. Hence it is my fervent appeal to all to continue to Pray for our Nation and also to remember both these Leaders in their Prayers to give them more Wisdom and to let Good Sense prevail, in solving the Indo-Naga conflict, so as to bring about Permanent Peace between the two Nations.

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