Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Speech of NSCN/GPRN President Yung Aung on 41st NSCN/GPRN Foundation Day on 31st January 2021

My dear Country men and fellow Weseans,
On this historic occasion of the 41st Foundation Day of the NSCN/GPRN, I greet you all in the name of our lord God almighty.
I salute the indomitable courage and spirit of our brave Naga comrades who are duty-bound and ever-ready to defend every inch of our God’s given United Nagaland.
We honour and pay tribute to the wisdom and strength of our ancestors who fiercely fought the foreign invaders and to all the thousands of Naga martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifices upholding our sovereign birth-right.
The journey we continue today draws strength and inspiration from the sweat, tears and blood of these brave Naga patriots whose selfless sacrifices are well documented in the eternal history of our nation.
We also remember all the Naga national workers who have been injured and maimed, and all those presently held in various prisons for the national cause.
On this special occasion, I also convey my revolutionary salute and best wishes to all the fraternal revolutionary organisations and freedom loving people of Western South East Asia. We reaffirm our clear and unequivocal support in their national movement for self-determination.
Today, the world has moved on from the era of colonialization and suppression into the new era of liberation and progress, but the sad fact remains that India and Myanmar still continues to dominate and subjugate the Naga country and our whole region.
My fellow Nagas, during the last seven decades, our Country was under constant state of siege and surveillance and these occupational forces has applied all possible tools of oppression and nefarious policies to subdue the struggle and destroy our one Naga identity. Yet the God whom we serve is mightier than their combine forces, and by his grace we have travel this far and has never let us down.
History stands witness to the fact that Nagas on both sides of the imposed boundary strongly refused to be included in the Union of any country. As a free people they are fully aware of their right. However, their aspiration to remained free as in the ancient time was met with brutal force. The Nagas thereupon, took up arms to defend themselves. Every Nagas tribes has equally participated and sacrificed in this armed-struggle for independence.
India, through her continual propaganda, is trying to incite falsehood and portray NSCN/GPRN in a bad light. Her assertion to link NSCN/GPRN as a terrorist organisation is just a vain attempt to conceal her aggressive policies and mislead the world from the core issue i,e Naga Independence. As a perpetrator of unabated terrorism in the Naga country, India has absolutely no legal right to accuse Naga nationalists of terrorism.
Nagas’ lawful and moral right to defend ourselves cannot be interpreted as terrorism.
In order to distort historical facts and wipe-out our struggle, our adversaries planted seeds of distrust and enmity, creating ideological differences among Nagas thus complicating our issue.
My Dear Nagas, we have arrive at the pivotal moment of our national struggle. We must unitedly come together and make a right decision for our common future. We have jointly inherited the national burden and the choice we make today will determine the future for the next generation.
Let us not confuse the genuine struggle with those Naga political groups who has abandon their national pledge in exchange for power and comfort. In connivance with these Naga groups, India is working to finalized the issue to a mare solution under her constitution.
The Naga national issue is too dear to us, too many blood has been shed and the struggle has come too far to be given up midway. We started the resistance with sovereignty and will end with sovereignty.
We the Nagas are not alone. The world is watching over us. Moreover the Lord’s presence is with us always and nothing can stand our way or slow us down. NSCN/GPRN will continue to remain firm on our commitment till we reach our promise land.
I appeal to all the patriotic Nagas especially the younger generation to join and strengthen our national movement, because together we can make a difference for a better tomorrow.
May God bless you all. Long live our Nagaland KUKNALIM
Yung Aung

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