Speech of Acüyi Vadeo, Joint Secretary, NNC Nagaland on the 55th Indo-Naga Ceasefire day


Speech of Acüyi Vadeo, Joint Secretary, NNC Nagaland on the 55th Indo-Naga Ceasefire day on 6th Sept. 2018 at Peace Hall, Sakraba, Chakhesang Region, Nagaland.
Respected chairperson, National workers, Church Leaders, Dignitaries, Ladies and Gentlemen gathering here today,
I am first of all giving thanks to Almighty God for enabling us to peacefully observe this 55th Indo-Naga ceasefire day today. 54th years ago on this day an International Ceasefire agreement was signed in 1964 between the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and the Government of India (GOI) which effected on 6th Sept, 1964. I therefore extend my sincere thanks to the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council (NBCC) and the Peace Mission (PM) members i.e. Jaya Prakash Naryan, B.P. Chaliha and Rev. Michael Scott for their valuable services in bringing peace and normalcy amongst the two governments (FGN and GOI).
When the Indo-Naga war was fought in Naga soil for a decade (1954-1964) due to India’s invasion against Nagaland, the NBCC and Peace Mission members initiated the peace process in the midst of inaccessible situation and distress that our people faced. In spite of all unimaginable hardship, they contributed their selfless effort in shaping the peace process which materialised into an understanding between the FGN and GOI with mutual respect on Nationhood. Subsequently a public meeting was called on 25th May 1964 at Sakraba village local ground under Chakhesang region in the presence of Peace Mission members. Where Enoli Veducholü Lala the present President of Naga Women Federation (NWF), NNC unequivocally with tears in her eyes testified the realities of untold sufferings, pains and atrocities committed by the occupational armed forces of India against Naga Women and it is still so fresh in my mind. At the moment, the Naga Army personnel who returned from Pakistan Alee command with full Arms also took usual parade and which made a surprise to the Peace Mission members.
The Federal Government of Nagaland agreed in principle with the terms and conditions laid down by the Peace Mission members and signed here at Sakraba village on 25th May 1964 and subsequently the Government of India also agreed to the terms and conditions and signed on 14 August 1964. Thus, the Ceasefire Agreement was officially effected on 6th Sept. 1964 between the two Nations.
On this declaration day the 6th Sept. 1964, our people joyfully gathered for peace procession in Nagaland as a mark of thanksgiving to God our Lord. Today is the day to remember the love and guidance of our Lord Jehovah. How miraculous and wonderful thing is this for a tiny Naga nation who could withstand the iron hand of India, the aggressor. It is not by might nor by power but by the grace of God Jehovah alone. Let us not forget and ignore His love for the Nagas rather be firmly hold our rights and put our faith in God and patiently wait for the proclamation and gracious year of the Lord.

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