Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Speaker refuses NPF proposal to discuss COVID-19 in ensuing Assembly session

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Dimapur, July 20: Two NPF legislators have accused the Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) of making a mockery of democratic practices in the State by his “autocratic” style of functioning.
The two NPF MLAs, Dr Chotisuh Sazo and Amenba Yaden, both members of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of NLA, said they attended the BAC meeting on Monday to finalize the provisional programme for the 6th Session of the 13th Assembly.
“Subsequently, at the Meeting, we requested the Hon’ble Speaker, NLA who is also Chairman of the BAC to accommodate our proposal for one day discussion on each of the following issue of public importance viz. Naga Political issue, issue related to COVID-19 and SARFAESI ACT, 2002 during the forthcoming session. However, our request was turned down, the reason of which is best known to the Hon’ble Speaker, NLA and the present-day Government,” they alleged in a press release.
Stating that the refusal by the Speaker to accept such significant issues of public importance for discussion is an insult to the dignity and democratic principles of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the MLAs said if such pertinent issues do not find space for discussion on the floor of the Assembly, when and where will such matters be deliberated?
“The Naga political issue is at a very crucial stage and the Nagaland Legislative Assembly needs to deliberate on the issue more than ever because after 23 years of political dialogue, we cannot afford to speak in different voices. Around the same time as now, discussion on Naga political issue took place for two consecutive days in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly on 23rd and 24th July 2015 under the previous Government. More than ever, the issue is more significant today and the same ought to find room for discussion on the floor of the Assembly.”
On COVID-19, the release said the negative effects of COVID-19 is being witnessed in the State and to discuss on measures and to find out ways and means to alleviate the pain and suffering of the citizen is our duty and responsibility as MLAs.
Deliberation on the SARFAESI Act is equally important because to kick-start economic growth in the State after several months of lockdown, loans from banks are a pre-requisite which at present is at loggerheads. The matter was earlier dismissed from being discussed during the 5th Session after it was finalized by the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) and today, the same has been dismissed from inclusion in the list of business, they alleged.
Stating that this “repugnant act” of the Speaker and Chairman of the BAC to accept their proposal is discriminatory, unfair and unacceptable, the NPF MLAs added, “All we can say is that such autocratic style of functioning, from what is supposed to be a neutral chair, speak volumes of the present day Government and its style of functioning.” (Page News Service