Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sovima Village Council condemns

Nagaland News

Dimapur, July 3: The Sovima Village Council (SVC) has condemned the action of some miscreants who threatened some butchers at Neiphezou Khel Sovima, adjacent to Diphupar B village, by firing automatic weapons at their scales and in the air yesterday, (July 2) on the pretext that the pork these miscreants purchased earlier in the morning was less than the amount they paid for.

While cautioning all butchers not to tamper with their scales while weighing meat, the Village Council outrightly condemned the act of the miscreants, who claimed to be from a particular faction of the Naga Underground, firing in a public place creating immense fear in the minds of peace-loving citizens of the area.
“It is doubtful if the meat these miscreants purchased was less than they paid for since the portion was taken away and returned later. And/ but if it was not properly weighed and the purchasers were short-shifted, it is equally condemnable,” SVC Head GB, Thepfukeduo said adding, “Be that as it may, that does not justify carrying of automatic weapons and firing in public areas, and such terror activities shall not be condoned, tolerated or forgiven in our jurisdiction.”
While cautioning all the butchers under the village area to give accurate and precise amount of meat that customers pay for failing which stringent action shall be taken against them to the extent of asking the administration to penalize defaulters and to cancel their trade licences, the Sovima Village Council appealed to all NNPGs not to resort to such dastardly acts and to strictly monitor the activities of their cadres and prevent them from vitiating the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the area. (Page News Service)