Thursday, November 30, 2023

Soulless creatures

Why do we send our children to school? To learn to become agent of change! Ideally this should be the answer. Alas, the most inspirational phrases aptly highlighting the critical importance of learning in life, have now become hollow slogans. Often we criticize, and rightly so, that teachers have lost their moorings and are money oriented with little or no regard for imparting knowledge. However the teachers are not the only culprits, we the parents and society as a whole also need to seriously introspect. How many of us want our children to develop as learned – quintessentially good, honest and civilized human beings, rooted in our culture and belief. Irrespective of any moral or ethical grounding, do we first and foremost not wish our children to be successful professionals – the money minting machines? How many of us in the society, as a matter of fact, are concerned about the overall welfare of the society? How many of us are keen to see our children developing as the real agent of change? That’s the reason why our society since long has stopped producing the agents of change – the persons with exceptional qualities in almost every aspect of life. Our sole emphasis is on producing money making machines bereft of any social responsibility. Why then we are at loss that our teachers, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, and men of pulpit, traders and politicians, have become soulless creatures? The real investment of time and resources is in material development; resultantly the end product will only be a material creature and obviously not a morally upright human being. The value system in our society is in a state of perpetual decline. Let us stop pointing fingers at each other. None among us is responsible individually for the making of the decay; all of us one way or other are responsible for the ugly turn of affairs. And let us also stop decrying that despite our individual efforts and best of intentions why we have not been able to stem the rot: why our marriages more and more have become ostentatious filthy affair; why moral and material corruption is on the rise; why our social fabric is crumbling under the weight of ongoing cultural onslaught and why despite growing environmental awareness, we are fast losing our scarce natural resources? And why despite immense sacrifices rendered, we are still far away from our cherished goal. Our response to all these challenges confronting the society today at best has been patchy, that too on the surface. Unless society does not feels deeply alarmed about the moral and socio/political crisis we are in, the change can never take place. It is not possible to think of a change without profoundly desiring for such a change. On the contrary judging from our numb attitudes and immoral behaviour, have we not reconciled, rather are fully complacent, with our present state of affairs? Had we been deeply desirous of a change, our educational institutions instead of invariably producing guardians of the corrupt and unjust system would have been churning out future leaders – the committed agents of change. Without blaming the corrupt system that we habitually accuse for every ill plaguing us, why don’t we for a minute ponder over the basic fact of demand and supply? Are not the civil servants – the custodians of the tyrant system in great demand here? In case the civil servant at present (it has been always) is the choicest of the career option for our youth, can we still blame educational institutions for not producing the real revolutionaries? In the name of revolutionaries, we have the deadwood, the unwanted and rejects of the society. The best and creative minds willfully with great enthusiasm chose to serve the rotten system that we at first place are desirous of getting rid of. In case we truly desire a change, our basic attitude towards life has to change; revolution can never take place while the entire society is fully engrossed in a wicked material chase. Without a complete transformation even a small change is impossible. None else, only we will have to decide, what is important for us, mundane materiel development or sublime desire of a change? Sublime and mundane can never go together hand in hand.