Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sorry state

There was a specific culture among budding generation of the West called ‘Thums-up-culture’ because a particular sign of ‘Thums-up’ was normally shown by the children to their parents when the later reprimanded them for their blunders with the intention to rail them up. In today’s age, a child from the beginning is given the impression that he or she is free to go where he/she wants to go; to do what he/she wishes to do and above all live his/her life as per their choice. The result is that a child transcends all possible limits and run out of control with the result that they cease to be the mainstay of their parents. They ultimately become like ships without rudder. We tend to estimate the standard of western life with the yardstick of their ostensible development in the field of technology, which is an eyewash. If a microscopic observation is made of the intrinsic life of common masses in the west, one comes across an extremely gloomy picture. But the sorry part of the fact is that this derailing-culture has also sneaked into our soil of mutual love and affection, fraternity and communal harmony and is badly affecting the moral, civic and ethical aspects of our life. Our children happen to be easily vulnerable by this pestilence of the west. It is well perceptible today in our own society that the sense of filial obedience is missing from the children for their parents and the tinge of parental affection has put on the garb of practical and utilitarian semblance. This is major threat to our culture, which consists in respect for the elders, love for the younger and amicable gestures for the equals. We send our children to school for their better future but we see that the output remains not much satisfactory. Our system is least bothered about the life-oriented education of the students in the government schools and the private educational business centers have removed all necessary restrictions from the children just to keep them in good humour so that they can earn much. No one is genuinely concerned about the well being of this little generation wherein out ultimate future lies. It has been observed that the parents’ role is getting insignificant like that of the west as a result of which our posterity now can be visualized to have digressed from the right track. Children today seem to have too much freedom. They are mostly given what they want; go where they want, and spend time exactly how they want. Gone are the days when you actually seek permission from parents to go out and play or visit a friend. As parents, we earlier used to get irritated to listen to our parents and elders using the phrase ‘during our times’ to make their point about something they felt strongly about. But now, it is beginning to make so much more sense. The situation today is perhaps the price we are dearly paying for the so-called development. We have too many things that occupy us. We have parents who are both working and have so little time for their children. We live in an age where even members of the same family do not quite know what the other is up to. We are all too busy in our own worlds. Technology has also spoilt us rotten. We are all too busy with our gadgets, with our mobile phones and the like, that we hardly have time for each other. To borrow our parents’ phrase, ‘during our time’ we only had landline telephones, which were, as a matter of fact strictly monitored by parents and elders, and more so, since it was commonly used by everyone at home and we were sensitive enough not to overuse it. Today, just because other children own mobile phones, the love of parents is such that their children should also own one. It amazes one to think that our forefathers really survived extremely well without any form of electronic communication. And here we are, with everything made easy with just a click, or press of a button, but we still seem to make a mess out of it.