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Sonowal’s assets increase by more than 71% in 5 years


Guwahati, March 10: The total worth of Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowals assets, both movable and immovable, have increased by over 71 per cent since the last assembly polls in 2016, despite not having bought any new immovable assets.

Sonowal, in his affidavit submitted as a BJP candidate from Majuli (ST) candidate for the 2021 assembly polls in the state, has declared total assets worth over Rs 3.17 crore as against over Rs 1.85 crore in 2016, an increase of Rs 1,32,26,475.
The 59-year old chief ministers movable assets have increased to more than Rs 1.14 cr in 2021 as against more than Rs 70.44 lakh in 2016 while the immovable assets have shown a rise from Rs 1.15 cr submitted in the last polls to over Rs 2.02 cr.
His bank deposits have escalated more than three-fold to Rs 38,02,498 in 2021 from Rs 12,13,320 in 2016 while the value of his insurance policies have swelled from Rs 28,90,794 to Rs 43,26,461.
The chief minister owned shares in Oil India Limited (OIL) worth Rs 8,77,500 in 2016 whose worth has risen to Rs 13,04,697 this year.
His current cash in hand has, however, decreased to Rs 39,030 from the Rs 94,597, he had in 2016.
Sonowal has not bought any jewellery during the last five years, declaring 30 gms of gold in both the polls whose value has however now increased to Rs 1,35,000 from Rs 1,00,000 in 2016.
In both the polls, the chief minister has declared household goods worth Rs 1.90 lakh while he does not possess any vehicle as shown in the affidavits of both the assembly elections.
He has not acquired any new immovable assets since the last polls and possesses both agricultural and non-agricultural lands in Dibrugarh and Guwahati, including both inherited and self-acquired property.
The value of his self-acquired assets have increased to Rs 96,75,000 from Rs 35,00,000 in 2016 while the worth of inherited properties have increased to Rs 1,06,20,000 from Rs 80,00,000 in the last polls.
The chief minister has liabilities amounting to Rs 27,29,460 as against Rs 2,92,000 but has no government dues outstanding, including income, GST, municipality or property taxes.
He has declared his source of income as salary and has declared his occupation as MLA though in the 2016 polls, it was mentioned as consultant and agriculturist.
There are no pending cases against him and his educational qualifications have been listed as Bachelor of Law (LL.B) and Bachelor of Communication and Journalism, both from Gauhati University.

Sonowal is contesting for the second consecutive term from Majuli (ST) constituency, which goes to polls in the first phase on March 27. He filed his nomination papers for the seat on Tuesday.
Elections to the 126-member Assam legislative assembly will be held in three phases on March 27, April one and April six. (PTI)