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Sonitpur: Ancient stone artefacts discovered at Gupteshwar Temple in Singri

Gupteshwar temple

SONITPUR, MAY 21: About 12 kms south of Dhekiajuli town in Sonitpur district, historical stone artefacts have been unearthed at the Gupteshwar temple in Singri.
The discovery has sparked significant interest among researchers, students and teachers from across the State, who are actively studying the materials recovered from the excavation site.
According to sources, the excavation, which began in November 2023, uncovered ancient stone materials in front of the temple’s main gate. The site, previously occupied by a namghar, yielded statues of Nandi and Hanuman, along with numerous rocks, all of which were found beneath the ground.
The Department of Tourism of the Government of Assam, in collaboration with the temple management committee, is conducting the excavation with the goal of enhancing the Gupteshwar Temple as a prominent tourist destination. Meanwhile, the ongoing research and findings are expected to significantly contribute to the historical and cultural understanding of the region.
The temple is currently under the protection of the Directorate of Archaeology, Assam and they are currently excavating at the temple.
While speaking to The Assam Tribune, Tulsi Borthakur, president of the Gupteshwar Devalaya Unnayan Samiti and vice chairman of the Assam Textbook Development and Publication Corporation said, “When the namghar was demolished to make way for a new structure, statues of Nandi and Hanuman were uncovered during the excavation. This prompted the involvement of the Directorate of Archaeology, which led to further excavations and the discovery of several other ancient artefacts. Many of these artefacts, some dating back to the Ahom era or earlier, are currently under study, with some being sent for carbon dating to determine their precise age. Researchers are optimistic that continued excavations will reveal even more artefacts and evidence, potentially transforming the site into a significant tourist attraction.”
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