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Naga people are at the threshold of new political beginning, retaining the sovereign rights over the land and resources be it natural or manmade, through an Agreement with the government of India (GOI) for an enduring peaceful co-existence with due regard to contemporary political reality. The Working Committee (WC) NNPGs is deeply appreciative of the Naga civil societies, tribal leaders, interdenominational churches, learned scholars and intellectuals for clearly grasping the practical model of Naga political settlement as is visible in the ongoing political negotiations between GOI and WC, NNPGs.
The Nov.17, 2017, Agreed Position signed between GOI and Nagas is for posterity and a Cornerstone for future Naga generations to fall back on in any political infidelity by GOI.
With much clarity and determination, the WC, NNPGs is engaged and, with unflinching support and solidarity from all sections of Nagas, progressively negotiating the core issues with GOI.
In the aftermath of the ouster of Chairman Gen. (Retd) Khango from NSCN (K) in the last quarter of 2018, the WC promptly deputed representatives to the beleaguered leader to Leinong areas in eastern Nagaland, encouraging him to be an equal partner in the negotiating table with GOI, retaining and maintaining his position, entity and status as NSCN (K) chairman. A number of Naga civil societies and tribal hohos worked very hard in cohesion toward this end. This instilled mutual trust and confidence among Nagas. Thus, without any condition whatsoever, except in good faith and trust, NSCN (khango) group became the latest entry into Working Committee and Mr. Isak Sumi, the newly appointed General Secretary of the group represented the group in the talks as Co-Convener.
The four conditions set initially by Khango group for joining the talks are:
1. Release of its members from Indian jails (prisoners).
2. Removal of Terrorist tag.
3. Removal of Bounty placed on top leaders.
4. Removal of AFSPA and Disturbed Area act.
There was no assurance from the GOI but rather it was conveyed to NSCN (Khango) through NGBF the fact that since ceasefire was unilaterally abrogated by NSCN (K), de-facto Ceasefire status would be automatically restored once they joined in the ongoing political talks. All their demands would cease to exist when political settlement arrives.
The press statement in the media on 04/07/19 by NSCN (Khango) group appeared to be a deviation from fact.
On the other hand, there was a huge trust deficit on the part of GOI on Khango group. The WC Convener Mr. N Kitovi Zhimomi, Co-Conveners and Naga civil societies had to do a lot of groundwork at various levels to convince the GOI that Khango Group must be trusted and their joining in the negotiation would be in the interest of both GOI and Nagas.
The WC is saddened to go through the statement purportedly issued by NSCN (Khango) group. The WC convened an emergency meeting at the Oking to assess the situation.
There is no denying that the menace of defection is presently creating confusion and mistrust within the NNPGs. Even before the joining of NSCN (Khango) in the WC, resolutions had been adopted and reiterated several times among the NNPGs to prevent defection. The same anti-defection laws were agreed upon and signed by NSCN (Khango) leaders on joining the WC.
When few civil and military workers within NNPGs defected to Khango’s group, these opportunists were readily accepted which was against the NNPGs principle and resolutions on issue if defection. Arresting defectors among 7 NNPGs should not be considered as interference or intrusion into the others administration.
In the best interest of Nagas and with best of intentions, the Working committee had written to Chairman, Gen. (Retd.) Khango Konyak on 22nd May, 2019, urging for a change/ replacement of Co-Conver Mr. Isak Sumi in the negotiating team with a sober, matured and mediatory leaders best suited to take the political negotiations forward at this critical period.
Conducts on and off the meetings left a lot to be desired. On 18th May 2019, Eight rounds were fired inside a room at Aier’s Enclave, PWD colony Dimapur, destroying window panes because Chairman Gen. (Retd.) Khango had gone out to meet GPRN/NSCN Chairman Gen.(Retd.) Neokpao Konyak without his (Isak Sumi’s) knowledge. The two Konyak Naga leaders are related by blood and are from the same village. Later, the reason given for firing inside the guest house was that Mr. Isak Sumi had test fired his new gun!
NSCN (Khango) leadership remains an integral part of NNPGs and any future Naga solution. The 17th November 2017 Agreed Position between WC and GOI and subsequent progress have been briefed lucidly. There is no political difference among the WC. Domestic issues back home should be solved respecting various adopted WC resolutions. Each leader is indispensible and answerable to the Naga people. At such critical period of Naga history there is no room for personal egos to run riot through expansionist ambition.
Solution to Indo-Naga political issue should be the sole agenda on the mind of every Naga leader. None should try to destroy the hard earned unity of the NNPGs
Media Cell, WC, NNPGs

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