Saturday, May 18, 2024

Social reconstruction

Today we are living in a world of fake smiles and lip sympathy. The values and ethics which guarantee a richly beautiful and graceful life have disappeared as immodesty and immorality are taking a heavy toll on our society and causing irreparable damage to its fabric. Imagine someone who breathed his last half a century ago rising from his grave momentarily to cast a glance at the present state of affairs in our society. He will be shocked for he will recall that some 50 years before he had left a world where fathers were held divine and paradise would be seen underneath mothers’ feet. Now it’s different. Parents are made the ladders for achievements and once the service is taken from them, they are thrown away as unwanted guests. It was a world which seldom knew sycophancy, greed, egotism, foul play, embezzlements, forgeries, corruption, malice, prejudice and the rat race for hegemony and supremacy; a world where blood was thicker than water in the real sense and relations were not held hostage to material prosperity; a world where contentment, even though with little means and income, reigned supreme, a world where everybody was thankful to the creator for his bounties. On the contrary now ungratefulness is the order of the day. The question is should we accept what is happening in the society or make conscious efforts to change it for better. In spite of being its part, most of our people don’t know who controls the changing system of the society. This question will never be easily or neatly answered by anyone. Every one of us at certain time in his or her life falls in love with the order, obedience or efficiency of a well cultured system and few may also desire to remove much appropriateness in our changing culture. For this we actually do not require any intellectual training but the conditioning of the values which once existed. As the stakeholders of this society the youth at large need to focus on creating citizens in ourselves for the good of society as we all belong to this society. Today the real human convictions are fading from the minds. Here it is not meant that we should turn our youth into philosophers or great men of service. We have not to raise from among us authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for scarce embryos of preachers or statesmen. We have ample supply of all these forms. The task which is set before us is simple – that is to organize ourselves and all those whom we can in a perfect human order, but which exists imperfectly now. The conditioning of our changing modern society is becoming a must now for a fresh social structure. This is possible only through harnessing of self consciousness and real honestly within oneself in a regulation of processes we carry on and some adjustment to our activities. For this we need to stop the mass manipulation of our cultural and religious beliefs, because no religion teaches against humanity, truthfulness or honesty. It is greed that results in disorder in our society, which is showing many worthless characters at present. The minds of our youth are getting tuned with self centered nature and self controlling attributes. They no longer understand the creative principle of society in which they are living. The relationship based on mutual respect, commitment, trust, care, and unconditional positive regard, provides a vehicle for a healthy change process. It is important for people to live by some kind of code, so that concepts of right and wrong are part of personal behavior and not just used to judge other people, unless they really deserve it. Some people might expand this definition to include whether actions harm or help society at large. But that’s where things get even more complicated. It is rather more convenient to just not only learn the difference between right and wrong but also learn the language to speak loud what is right and what is wrong. Indeed to change the existing genotype and adopted memories is a challenge but it has to start somewhere. Every one of us shares a responsibility towards the devastating social structure and ethical values and it is high time for us to really stop being ignorant.