Monday, June 24, 2024

Social deviations

No society is completely free of evil – the only difference is that of degree. When it goes beyond a point, it threatens the very foundation of a stable society. For some years, if not decades, we, as a society, are witnessing some harrowing instances. And all this calls for serious reflection and even more serious follow up in terms of concrete action. Some of the disturbing trends in our society for some years now are stark rise in the cases of drug addiction. And now in recent years we have seen a good number of young people committing suicide. What is also a hugely disturbing matter is a rise in domestic violence cases. The essence of domestic violence is that it is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks as well as economic coercion that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners. Although domestic violence is hard to measure, those who work in the area of prevention of family violence consider such injuries to have reached shocking, perhaps even epidemic, levels. Domestic violence is devastating not only for the woman but also for families, for children. Children of families where domestic violence prevails often become perpetrators of violence themselves. And it has a huge psychological impact on them. The perpetrators are often family members or someone the victims know. And rarely are they ever prosecuted. Protected by deeply entrenched cultural traditions, violence against women is rampant, insulated by the silence and complicity of local communities, the states and the legal systems that govern them. Traditionally, what happened within a family and between a man and his wife was considered private and not in the purview of the state. Consequently, even today, laws concerning spousal abuse and rape are not enforced. And often, when women are violated they are forced to seek mediation through the families before turning to the courts. On drug addiction, the number of reported cases in the state are far too less than the number of those who are involved. Teenagers and young adults constitute a major lot of the drug addicts. And it is silently consuming our young lives as the drug mafia has stretched its tentacles all across the society. The increasing involvement of educated youth is unfolding as a nightmare. Today drug addiction is threatening and poses a challenge to our societal wellbeing. The expanding graph of drug addiction is compromising the safety of every one of us. There is a need for regulatory authorities and law enforcing agencies, to tread drug addiction as an emergency now. If saving lives of youth and preventing them from getting indulged in this menace is their real mandate and motto, this is the time to exhibit iron will and commitment to uproot this evil. Indeed if we add all these things it clearly depicts that something is seriously wrong with our society. The expressions of concern over these destabilizing trends are all but natural. As a living and conscientious society we must feel disturbed, and express serious concerns over what is happening in our society. Not just the civil society, government agencies have also been very vocal on these deviations found in our society. It is always commendable if a government department makes some special effort to curb such elements, or arrest the trends that contribute to deviations in society. Similarly, if a civil society formation comes forward and fights against the evil processes in the society, it is praiseworthy. But there are certain things that need reiteration on all such occasions. First, for the government departments; law and punishment is not the sole way to eliminate such elements. Every wrong thing cannot be corrected by employing force. The long stick of law is a useful instrument but only when it is used wisely, and in tandem with other corrective measures. Now the civil society formations, particularly those with a religious background, sermonizing and shaming are effective ways for holding back people from going astray, but it cannot work alone, and it doesn’t work always. We need to understand our society, and work on the reasons that lead to such deviations. In most of the cases reasons are psychological and financial. We need to rescue people there. The starting point is that we consider these people as victims, not criminals.