SN finds loopholes in ILP system in state, suggests corrective measures


Dimapur, May 26

While lauding the continuous efforts of the Dimapur and the Kohima police in its crackdown against ILP defaulters, the Survival Nagaland today highlighted some loopholes about the present system of the ILP and suggested some corrective measures for implementation, which would help the control of flow of illegal immigrants across the state.

It suggested that the ILP forms should also have a bar-code number like train tickets and air tickets so that every ILP forms issued booth would maintain judicious and transparent record of number of ILPs issued for every month/year. This would check the ‘dalal’ system plus and issuing randomly without any limit or check, it said.

The SN stated that the ILP should be issued for a particular district only at a time and not for

the whole state of the Nagaland. It also said number of ILPs issued should be limited for a particular time for a district in and the state in general, which would enable the government machineries to keep a check on the unabated flow of illegal immigrants.

It suggested that renewal of ILPs should be based on the bar-code number initially issued and the guarantor should be allotted only limited number of forms so that no manipulation and   tampering takes place. Each ILP issued should not be for more than 3 months.

Stating that contractors/builders must also be allowed to bring limited migrant labourers for a time-bound manner, it said the labourers must be made mandatory to leave as soon as their works are completed.

It observed that many migrant workers brought by the contractors/builders keep on staying even after the completion of works and apply for residential documents here in Nagaland which has resulted abnormal growth of illegal immigrants in the state over all the districts of the state.

The SN further pointed out that the ILP demarcation area should be the originally in the BEFR Act of 1873, the Dhanisri river or the New Field Check-gate. As according to this Act, the state government has the power to bring or alter any area of the state under the purview of ILP, so with this Dimapur district which has become a hot-bed of uncontrolled illegal immigrants.

All NGOs and apex bodies should demand for the immediate implementation, it urged.

Meanwhile, it said that a  fixed rate of labour charge and daily wages be fixed by the district administrations for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labourers so that local unemployed youths will also not be affected and deprived of their due share by those migrant labourers who monopolize the market by their low charges thus driving out the local youths out of work by their low charges and again after driving out the local youths, they starts demanding prices at their whims.

This will not only curb the high demand of our local labourers but will also not left them jobless at the same time give equal share. This is affecting not only the Nagas but many genuine Indian labourers like Biharis, Oriyas, Nepalis, Bengalis,Adivasis, etc, it added.

The Survival Nagaland hoped that the government would use its wisdom and execute them without delay which will protect the indigenous citizens of the state in general and our Naga peoples in particular. (Page News Service)