Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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SKK decry pathetic condition of recently repaired NH


Dimapur, August 22: The All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) has drawn the attention of the Government over the pathetic road condition of the recently repaired NH 702A connecting Nagaland University Lumami.
In an open letter to the Chief Engineer, PWD (NH), the SKK lameneted that the works on “Improvement of Riding Quality to NH 702A from km 5/460 to 16/000 under NH Mokokchung Division” was recently completed, but on-spot verification carried out by SKK along the entire road stretch showed no semblance of work ever being carried out except for some patches of blacktopped portions. The blacktopped layers have since all eroded and only the soil remains with potholes and muddy water, it said.
The road was repaired at a cost of Rs 3.97 crore (approx) as mentioned in the work order dated 28 April 2017.
Stating that it is shocked that road has been totally damaged within 2-3 months of completion, the SKK said the pathetic condition of the completed “improvement of riding quality” road is causing huge inconvenience to local populace, University staff and students as the road connects to nearest Mokokchung (nearest town) and caters to the academic needs and transportation of other sustainable needs of the people in the area.
Given the importance of the road and the verified deplorable condition of the completed road work, the SKK appealed to the Chief Engineer PWD (NH) to intervene and ensure quality work along the stretch strictly as per prescribed specifications without delay in the interest of the students, University staff and the public. It warned that failure to deliver quality road as per specifications would compel the union to adopt other alternative measures.
Meanwhile the SKK said it strictly monitor all ongoing roads in Sumi inhabited areas under PMGSY Phase IX Batch I (2017-18). There are a total of eight ongoing road works, namely Satakha to Momi (4.2km) at the cost of Rs 222.98 lakh; Satoi to Ikiye to Itovi (11.60km) at the cost of Rs 429.5 lakh; Niuland to S. Hetoi (9km) at the cost of Rs 612.22 lakh; Achikuhu to Yevishe via Yeshito (12km) at the cost of Rs 768.10 lakh; Yeshito to Kikhevi via Khatara (18km) at the cost of Rs 1127.52 lakh; Satoi to Tsuruhu (5.20km) at the cost of Rs 351.58 lakh and Tokiye to Thokihimi (12km) at the cost of Rs 730.67 lakh.
The SKK appealed to all the contractors to sincerely carry out quality works as per specifications and informs that the union will monitor the works to see that it is being carried out satisfactorily. The SKK also appealed to Departmental officers inspecting the works to insist on prescribed specifications and not to compromise with any inferior quality.
The SKK further cautioned that the contractors will be held equally responsible for any poor quality of work and the union will initiate stringent steps to blacklist their firms. (Page News Service)