Monday, December 11, 2023
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Situation much better today than 20 years back: NDPP

Dimapur, July 8: In the continuing war of words between the ruling and opposition parties over law and order situation in Nagaland, the ruling NDPP has claimed that the situation in the State today is much better than what it was 20 years back.
“The law and order situation in Nagaland today is much better than what it was twenty years back,” said the NDPP media & communication committee in a statement. It was replying to the rejoinders issued separately by the NPF and NPCC on the prevailing law and order.
“… the people are much more erudite and wise to the ways of the world than what their preceding generation was; the yearning for peace and normalcy and rule of law in the society is felt as acutely today as their parents felt when Nagaland was in the throes of factional killings and violence a decade or two back. And most importantly, the Government of the day is more in touch with ground realities than ever and is also more people-centric in its attitude and performance,” it claimed.
The NDPP also accused the NPF of again trying to malign the cordial relationship between the PDA Government and the Governor through their statement. “The PDA, as a matured and responsible government is not so gullible as to fall for yet another childish attempt of the NPF by distorting facts. Let it be reminded that there is no law that debars a Governor from writing to the State government expressing his or her views and opinion and for the government to respond accordingly. This in no way can be construed that the relationship between the two have soured or that the Hon’ble Governor has lost trust on the government of the day.”
Also stating that the PDA had never claimed to be the champions in matters relating to the ongoing Naga political issue; the NDPP said, “We have rather been active proponents of an early settlement that is honourable and acceptable to the people and will continue to support any positive steps taken to this effect. The members of the PDA are not starving for publicity, unlike the opposition NPF who craves to grab publicity for everything under the sun. The leaders of the PDA have done and are continuing to do their part on this issue.”
On the usage of “headless” chicken analogy in dealing with the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic in the State by the opposition parties, the NDPP said this was cheap, uncalled for and an insult to the frontline workers and all sections of the society who have been rendering services above and beyond the call of duty to contain the disease as best as they can.
On the Congress allegation that the NDPP and BJP betrayed the people of Nagaland in 2018 by filing nominations despite calls of “Solution before Elections,” the NDPP reminded that the Congress has a history of its own “which does not need reminding”.
“Failure of the Congress to mention NPF as a participant in the 2018 elections is conspicuously suspicious and once again confirms the NPF-Congress alliance,” it claimed.
Stating that the verdict of the people of Nagaland in 2018 was clearly in favour of the PDA, the NDPP said to call for stepping down or dismissal of the legally-mandated Government at this juncture, as desired by the NPF and the Congress, would be unconstitutional, illegal and ultra vires.
The NDPP called upon the people including the opposition parties to come forward and together help the State to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, both physically and economically. (Page News Service)